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Get Me Off This Crazy Thing: Smiling Bob v. The Shower Head

bq. By now we have all seen the Enzyte Smiling Bob commercials - my question is two fold: If Enzyte is the product for natural male enhancement - is there a product for natural female enhancement? And if there is such a product would sore back Suzy be the equivalent mascot to Smiling Bob? --- Chris
If by enhacement, you mean make the sexual organ of a woman larger, then no. That's just not necessary. There is only one thing necessary to make a woman becomethe equivlanent of Smiling Bob and that thing is called an orgasm. Learn how to make it happen, guys. If your woman is not experiencing orgasms on a regular basis while having sexual relations with you, expect that she will start experimenting with other ways to reach that elusive climax. Once she discovers the shower head, you're sunk. She won't care if she ever gets laid by you again. Many men have lost the love of their life to the sainted shower head. So Smiling Bob can smile all he wants. But if he doesn't learn how to be a selfless lover, he will only be smiling at his hand, and all that Viagra or whatever he's taken will be money down the drain.


The showerhead? Thanks for the visual

But wait...there's always the sainted "Old Faithful" jet strategically positioned in the hot tub. And I swear to gawd that's what it's called in the owner's manual;)

I heard that research into a female equivalent of viagara is being undertaken - the proposed name of the drug is "niagara".

Niagara Falls! Slooooowly I turned! Step by step...inch by inch...!

Why is it always the men that get thought of first???

Who cares if you have a rock hard erection, you've got a mouth don't ya?

Why is it always the men that get thought of first???

Who cares if you have a rock hard erection, you've got a mouth don't ya?

looks like it just begged repeating

I have nothing to add - I'm laughing too hard...!

I think Zeppelin was going to write it as "whole lotta shower head" but it was hard to rhyme.

Just for clarification - I was originally thinking of bigger boobs - that's why Suzy's back was sore.

How are women able to make contact with the shower head mounted on the wall? Handstands?

T'Su, you need to get out more.

Bob's a liar, as this Cincinnati Enquirer article points out.

Ironically, the case is being filed in Small Claims Court.

huh... perhaps this explains why my better half spends so much time... oh never mind.

jurisdiction probably determined according to Ohio Penal Code.

Smiling Bob should learn how to use his fingers...

Chris -

Suzy's back is sore because there is something for bigger boobs.....


We offer a non-surgical, natural, and safe solution to attaining fuller and firmer breasts with the help of a balanced combination of safe, all-natural ingredients. This formula will help you look and feel your best while delivering beautiful results in just weeks!

Why would I want larger breasts? I'm a guy.

"Who cares if you have a rock hard erection, you've got a mouth don't ya?"

Somehow I don't think that line is going to work for my girlfriend. ;-)