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Get Me Off This Crazy Thing: Answers

First three questions: bq. What's up with the bad guy in the new "Punisher" film.... Shouldn't they have used the same Kingpin person that they used in Daredevil? I think linking these comic-movies would be a smart move, but obviously someone doesn't think so. - Tom
A: Tom, the Daredevil movie sucked. Christ, it had Ben Affleck. That alone is enough to kill it on arrival. The Punisher looks better with every trailer and still photo I see. It is a testament to the intelligence of the producers of Punisher that they do not in any way try to connect their movie to Daredevil. bq. Why didn't they ever make the sequel to Buckaroo Bonzai? Buckaroo Banzai: Against the World Crime League That was the last thing on the screen right before the credits. -- Head Zero A. First of all, no script was ever written. No script, no film. That, and the movie wasn't really a financial success. It does, however, enjoy cult status on video, cable and now on DVD, which contains lots of extras and quite a few hidden features. And dude, what's with your name? bq. What do YOU think the watermelon in Banzai was doing there? - Lair The short answer is this: to mess with your head. The long answer can be found here. Something abotu critical stress and feeding third world countries. More answers forthcoming.


"Buckaroo Banzai"...what a great movie.

"Remember, know matter where you go, there you are."

"Laugh-a while you can, monkey-boy!"

My wife and I still quote BB lines to each other.

Actually, the script for the sequel was written. After the sequel was cancelled, the script was heavily written, and eventually became Big Trouble in Little China.

(according to IMDB, at least).

Brendan, according to this BB FAQ, that information is patently false.

As soon as I saw their version of Elektra in the ads, I knew the Daredevil movie would suck. So I didn't bother. I guess it was money well not-spent.

I will gladly agree that Ben Affleck sucked in "Daredevil", but I must defend Michael Clarke-Duncan's portrayal of the Kingpin. He, at least, was on fire.

So, does this mean you won't be going to see Elektra when it's released?

While we're whining about not seeing the promised sequel, what about,"History of the World Part II"?
I want to see Hitler on Ice and Jews in Space.