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pixie dust, pizza and pesach

So, yes. Today was craptacular. But in the end, Fate herself was good to me and opened a much prettier door than the one that was closed earlier. I'd like to thank Fate, but she's pretty much unreachable, being an invisible entity and all. Not to mention a figment of my mind. Nevertheless, I'd like to share the sparkling fairy dust that she has sprinkled on my head. Let's pay it forward, shall we? [Hated the movie, liked the idea] I don't have any fairy dust, but I do have a few dollars in my emergency cup. And I know just the people I want to send my good vibes to. I'm sending two Pesach Packages to soldiers of the IDF. Maybe I'll throw in a pizza and soda as well. Paid forward. Anyone want to join me in thanking these incredibly courageous men and women for all they do? Just go here.


Giving to patriots always makes a body feel good.
And damn, that just felt good!

Would that it could be more.

Kiddo, keep up the good fight and don't mind the trolls... they're there to keep us ALL on the right path to victory!

As for yer other troubles, I can speak from some pretty damn painful experience: if you don't get what you WANT, you weren't meant to have it in the first place. From that comes strength, which may not be the most pleasant feeling in the world, but is worth all the bucks in Babs Streisand's vault! Usually, it's followed by knowledge of what you need, and that beats WANT by a friggin' mile.

Hoo-ah/Oo-ah/Urr-ah... take yer pick of service.

Sent a platoon pizza in your honor. Love ya honey.

Oh and can you close whatever open center tag you have going on here?

Pizza? Passover? Time the pizza to arrive AFTER the holiday. :-)