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reading lessons

[click for readable size]Read the pages to the left. Did you understand them? Could you answer questions about them? Good, I thought you could. That's what we call reading for comprehension. It's one of the basic components of reading, usually taught to children beginning in kindergarten. I'm sure none of you have yet to enter kindergarten, so it dismays me to see that there are so many of you who cannot read for comprehension. You skim, you glance, and then you assume where the word are going rather than taking the time to know where the words, taken as a whole, are headed. So here's the deal: Either you read the entire post, taking in the words and their meanings, conceptualizing the ideas and understanding the context of those words, or you don't leave a comment. If I asked about the pictured pages, What does Sally say she likes?, and you answered, Sally likes when the puppets make her feel all tingly inside, you would be taken for an idiot. Perhaps this whole concept of comprehension is just a little too much for you and you should try some sites that tell cute little stories in Comic Sans font with flashing animation to help guide you through the story's concept. I'll break this down real simple for you: If you don't read the whole thing, don't leave a comment. This prevents my taking you for a raving idiot. Lesson ended.


Ooh! Ooh! I know this one!

Sally likes plays.

Okay, I admit it. I cheated and was using a crib sheet. I won't let it happen again.

Puff and Spot made Me all tingly inside.Does that count?I'll hang up and wait for my answer.

Who's Sally again?




I never learned to read............

Puff knew.

you are so strict.

Sally lied about WMD. Mike wants to build a fence in his neighbor's yard to keep Spot from terrorizing Pam and Penny. And the Jews killed Puff.

Curses be upon the sons of Miss Piggy, for slaying the puppets unjustly!

I like glue!

Cat breath smells like cat food!

My nose makes it's own bubblegum!

Sally says Bush=Hitler!

What? That's wrong? But--- oh.

Hold on... just gimmee a second. I swear I know this one...

Sally likes when Dick makes her tingly inside?

No wait, that's something else entirely...

I've never met Spot or Puff, and it doesn't matter anyway because they're lying.

Dude, where's the time-out chair?

Will you people stop questioning Sally's patriotism?

Evil Otto: Sally posted her comment while Dick was writing his. Then Mike posted his comment while Puff posted his. Or something, I got lost;)

Well, I hope i wasn't the idiot this time.

Sally can't wait to grow up and take her top off for Girls Gone Wild.

Coming this summer: "See Spot Dick Jane"!

Sassy girl!

Is no one else disturbed by the fact that the boys have killed Spot and Puff and made them into puppets?

Our readers didn't have black kids, but they didn't have animal cruelty either.

And sometimes you aren't mistaking them for a raving loon; it's obvious.