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quick turnaround

The fates work in strange ways. Perhaps the best thing to happen to us today was losing out on the house we were supposed to rent. Yea, it looked like the worst thing, didn't it? We were forced us to make a decision. We made it. We will be moving, probably within the six week time frame we had originally planned on. That's all I'm going to say for now. More when I feel less anxious about it.


happy "something BETTER is going to happen" day!!

have my fingers crossed for you!
oh, what the hell... here's a big fat ((HUG))...
{!! was that a growl?!}

You're going to steal a mobile home and move to Canada?

We had a few things go bad for us when we were looking at houses, but it all turned out better than we could have hoped. Sometimes you don't know best until you are forced to change your mind.

I got it...your running for the white house :)

Oh, I misunderstood. I thought your friend had backed out of selling you a house and that you were going to buy a house quickly.

Anyway glad it worked out.

Just repeat Frogman's slogan for Yassine:
"Hey baby! I'm a race car driver!"

OK, now that I've read this post as well as the last one I need to ammend my previous comment.

Horrah for the house thing! :)

I know. You're moving to Jersey.

[running like hell]

Totally, totally get the whole 'where the @!#$ am I going to live, not to mention take all this stuff to?' bit.

In fact, I'm living it now myself.
But my situation isn't as nervewracking (we've a soft rental market here), and it sounds as if yours may be resolving itself, thankfully.

We still have to pack all the crap, though...and I doubt there's anything that will make that part palatable, grrrr.