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Well, this day is shot to hell already. Woke up to the news that the "gates of hell" have opened. Got a rather disturbing call from the school social worker today in regards to DJ. Found out the new house has been pulled out from under us. Now we, and the 56 already packed boxes stacked up in my kitchen, have six weeks to find an equal or better new place to live. The quickest way to figure out if someone is a true friend or not is to do business with them. Hey, don't you think it's a little ridiculous for Palestinians to crying about Israel killing a poor, helpless guy in a wheelchair? Leon Klinghoffer sound familiar, you pissants? I am not in a good mood, to say the least.


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That sucks. I thought you had a signed contract and all. I know on the South shore there are a few houses on the market near me.

If it was anyone other then a friend I would say sue their asses

Oh Michele, so sorry about the house. That's got to suck.

damnnn...sorry to hear that.

Yikes, I'm sorry.

Actually, the person in question is no longer a friend, or at least wouldn't be a friend of mine any longer. Not knowing the entire situation makes it easy to be judgemental, of course.

If I were the suing type, I would say, go for it. Unfortunately, that does not get you the house.

Hang in there. People you don't even know are pulling for you.

Yeah, the house thing sucks! but how's DJ, is this bully business again?

That sucks about the house girl. I hope you guys can find something in your price range and area. What's up with Dj? Hope it's ok.

"If I were the suing type, I would say, go for it. Unfortunately, that does not get you the house."

The law has always regarded real property as unique, i.e., something of the same value is still an inadequate substitute. Therefore, a writ of specific performance compelling transfer of the property can indeed be a remedy in some cases.

Note, I am not a member of the New York Bar, Michele, so this is not legal advice: I'm not saying do this, or even that you could, just that given the right circumstances it might be a valid option. You may still want to consult an attorney.

Growl to your heart's content. If there's anything I hate it's "there there chin up it cant really be that bad a day!" No, it sounds like it's exactly. that. bad. a. day.

(In my personal life that list of growls would be met with "Is it that time of the month?" and then I would have to go homicidal.)

You have a whole raftful of online friends with virtual tea, sympathy and numbers of hit men at hand. It's not as good as a house, but it's what we got and it's all yours.

I'm sorry, your going through this.

The house thing is just not acceptable - that "friend" is costing you weeks of work and at least thousands of dollars, maybe more.

My brother, dead these last twentyfour years, used to say to me, "Do not loan a friend more than you can afford to lose or you may lose your friend." It has stuck with me.

(Yeah, hindsite is 2020 but I still appreciate the sentiment.)

Damn that sucks! Sorry it's a bad day.

I'm sure you're way ahead of me on this one, but I just saw my first Mr. Hell Show episode on Showtime yesterday morning. If you haven't seen it, check it out! http://www.tvtome.com/AaaghItstheMrHellShow/

Dave J, you are probably correct. I guess I should've said, "Suing does not get you the house in a timely manner." They have to move in 6 weeks.

Plus, suing can be a costly mess.

Said "friend" should vacate their own house and let Michele and family live in it rent-free until they find another one.


Michele, I'm sorry to hear this - you don't need any added stress, that's for sure.

When my second son started junior high, he changed from an outgoing, popular kid into a withdrawn one - his grades dropped and he lost interest in almost everything he had enjoyed in the past. I've always been able to talk with my kids about anything, and we sat down one day...I was able to find out that he wasn't doing drugs (which I doubted because I know the symptoms all too well, but figured I had best check anyway), and then he said "Will you get mad if I tell you something?" I told him no - I wouldn't be mad. He then told me that "sometimes I feel like killing myself".

Well. That shattered me, to say the least. I called our dr and got him into counseling immediately. The psychologist told us that what was happening to Cary was not unusual in boys going through puberty; for some, the hormonal surges are greater than the norm and he was experiencing depression caused by the imbalance. He was on anti-depressant for about a year, and went to counseling - and once his body settled down, he was fine.

I don't know if you are experiencing anything like that with your son. I think it's important that parents know that this is a possibility if their children - especially boys - have problems during puberty.

Good luck with everything.

I'm so tired of people killing each other over religion. I'm so glad I'm an atheist!

On DJ:

Get the full story. Talk to the kids involved. School officials have a bad habit of finding a convenient target to blame, then ignoring anybody else.

If it turns out DJ got shafted, let the responsible parties know you are greatly displeased with them, and that you expect better. Blog about it, and let the world know what sort of clods run DJ's school.

But, if it turns out that DJ is responsible, lay down the law. Let the mighty munchkin know that you do not abuse other people. Period. No argument, no dispute. If he bullies anybody ever again you will come down upon his pubescent ass like the wrath of God.

I hope things work out for you and yours.

Very sorry about the house thing. That sucks.

And I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what to do about DJ. Or what was done to him, or what he did, or whatever the situation is.

Hey Joe - I wonder if there were any Atheists in the World Trade Center on 9/11/01? I bet there were....

Yeah, I figured out the hard way not to get in business with "friends."

Jeez, Michele! Sorry about the house. Hope the thing with DJ is nothing serious. He seems like a cool kid. My thoughts are with you.