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This entry was deleted because I hit "save" instead of "dreaft"(which I only realized when two comments were emailed to me) and now I have to step out of the office and can't finish it. I'll get to it later.


The Palestinians declaring war on Israel is hardly news LOL. Yassin should have been taken out long ago.

This conspiratial stuff is reminicient of when Clinton illegally bombed Kosovo to cover up his blowjob shenanigans. Crazy conspiratorial nonsense.

Clarke's book is big news. We'll see if the Bush-can-do-no-wrong crowd pays any attention to that fish-faced enemy of the American people Clarke.

Here's my permission slip:

"Norbizness is hereby excused from blogging about this because:

1. He is criminally ignorant of Israeli-Palestinian current affairs and does not want to be further exposed as an ignoramus;

2. He did not offer any conspiracy theories;

3. He thinks the Clarke story is important;

4. He has not blogged about the pre-existing situation in Nepal that has resulted in nearly 1,000 deaths over the last week.

Norbizness' Mother

P.S. He is happy that a death-monger like Yassin is dead, and is apprehensive about what's going to happen in Israel."

that's funny