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This is how they stage a peace rally these days. 117-1743_IMG.jpg There are many, many more pictures from the SF "peace" rally here, taken by LGF reader zombie. Most of the sentiments were just as bad as the one above. I still stand by my Winds of Black Hate post. The far left has gone from absurdly creepy to... I don't know. There are no words for people like this. Maybe I'll have something to say about it tomorrow. Right now, I just feel like crying. [via Allah]


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Okay, that one leaves me speechless. I really don't get these people.

"If you want to make an omelette, you have to break 2,752 eggs."

I just wrote about this elsewhere, and thought I would have something PC to say, but then I realized...I'm not PC.


Holy shit. I cannot believe someone had the balls to display that let alone think it appropriate. You sure that's not Photoshopped?

Do you really think this pic is not doctored?C'mon and give yourselves a break!What do you think the world is comming to?Armegeddon?

Wow, I've never been so uncertain about being able to stop myself from killing someone. Seriously, if confronted with that sign in real life, I don't know WTF I would do.

That is not some principled pacifist stand for "peace." That is just plain supporting the other side in a war between freedom and tyranny, civilization and barbarism, good and evil.




That's the sad part about this. I have every reason to believe this sign is the real thing and not a Photoshop. Especially when you see things like this alongside it:

This is just the next logical step from wearing a shirt featuring murdering revolutionary Che at an 'anti-war' rally.

Many are not anti war at all, they just want a different side to win.

What's the possibility that the highlighted example is meant to be a counter-protest, ala "except for ending Slavery, Nazism and Communism War Has Never Solved Anything?"

If you have a fast connection it's worth while to download the video of the white guy from ANSWER with his PERFECT black panther voice, complete with his nasal imitation of what those republican honkys must sound like.


Also Kerry is making it TOO DAMN EASY now.

From Mark Styne:

...Ask him about John Edwards' pretty boy bangs, and Kerry says solemnly, ''I know something about bangs for real.'' But he's beyond satire now. The Humane Society sends him a questionnaire asking "Do you have any pets that have made an impact on you personally?" Instead of citing any of the ginger toms, gerbils and cockatoos that have passed through the Kerry household in the last four decades, he goes back to those four months in Vietnam and recalls a pooch named VC who accompanied him on his swift boat missions.

Is it normal to take a yappy mutt on a swift boat patrol through enemy territory? Especially a mutt named after the enemy. Calling out "Over here, VC" in the middle of the jungle seems a good way to get taken out by friendly fire. Come to that, how many folks name their dogs after the enemy? Did British Tommies stumble across stray French poodles on the beach at Normandy and think, "Aw, cute li'l feller. I'll call him SS"?

Oh and the Steyn piece is at www.suntimes.com/output/steyn/cst-edt-steyn21.html

...And Kerry dragged the press along as he bought a jock strap this week.

Now we know he'll really fight the war on terror.

Sure , we know that this is a small group. And the people who read these blogs are incensed. And rightly so.

But where are the protests from the "normal" everyday folks? Let's see

what I mean is protest against this sort of crap at the protest rallies.

Ted, I live in Evergreen State College territory. I live with that rhetoric every single day. But that particular photo is increasingly disturbing and quickly becoming mainstream. I'm just not numbed to it.


This picture needs to be blown up and used to embarass this sick crowd. This shit isn't debate or free exchange of ideas. This is almost certifiable mental illness.

The real question is why no one around him torn it down. Don't these misfits realize that crap hurts any credibility they have with the useful fools.

In SF, Berkeley, Marin and the surrounding areas, people are pretty fucking confused. Republicans = Corporations = Pure Evil. If Bush saves a baby's life it's only so he can make matza with blood that's still fresh, you know? Besides, Bush is a fundamentalist too, how can he be against Osama?

Anyway, it doesn't feel like these people are a small minority around here. They must be 30% of the people and the most vocal people too, so it feels like a majority.

Actually I'm not sure that regular die hard democrats from anywhere else are all that different. Just less crunchy looking. Dean said "Bush knew!" and I have friends from southern CA who wonder if Bush let 9/11 happen so that he throw out the Bill of Rights.

'zactly why I wonder why people don't understand why I'm in a panty bunch all the time. These psychos live, work, shop, drive, and breathe the same air as I. It's far too incredulous for me to comprehend.

I'm so effing glad that I moved away from Berkeley.

Assholes! and sad to say, neighbors of mine.

Ted, these people have no fear of being discredited because:

A) that sign represents hatred of capitalism and the WTC as a symbol of capitalism... This is a pretty popular sentiment around here.

B) The feeling among such people is that if you are against the American system (capitalism particularly), you are of course hated by those backward middle american rednecks... And they're not campaining for the support of those people you know?

Josh, you are right. I am probably just out of touch with that.

But theirs is a lonely world. Who will follow them? They must realize that they make no progress, here or elsewhere.

This is truly disgusting. What a bunch of assholes! I'm glad I don't live in SF.


I'm pretty sure most of those psychos don't "work."

These people are so stupid in so many ways. Not only is their basic worldview beyond repair, but also they seem totally without a clue about the fact that they aren't helping their cause one whit with these protests. All they are succeeding is making themselves look like, well, the idiots that they are.


This made me start crying. Hard. Shame on the person hold that sign. It's sick.

It's SF, no photoshopping needed. It's where I was born, raised, and lived my life until I had children of my own..and then got the hell out, first to Central Cal, and then out of the state all together.

They aren't a small majority there. Look at any state of California election map. Read an article in the SFSU newspaper. It's group think at it's best (worst?)

Call my kids heartland hicks if you want, but they think for themselves. Too liberal for the heartland, to conservative for Cali. They both make me proud.

I will forever have a love/hate relationship with the city. Always happy to go back to visit, and even happier to come back home.

Hideous as these fetid wastes of human flesh are, they are living proof that our First Amendment works: the more they open their mouths, the more they nail the coffin shut on their own blurry little crusades.

Ok. I have absolutely no probelem seeing these ***theads holding signs like this, however for this specific I love NY sign, the thing that bothers me is the accuracy with which the I N and Y are written, and the scrawl below it. In addition, why ad the "registerd" R after the NY?
There are also some other stray pixels that would indicate that something else was written there and then erased, specifically the black marks immediately below the left side of the N (above the W).

Even if it is Photochopped, don't worry, those stupid ***ks are absolutely that disgusting.

Bind them up. Douse them with gas. Light a match.

Visualize Dead Liberals

Don't be modest, Michele, there are words, lots of them.

Maybe a contest????

Been reading at LGF, looks like it was not photoshopped. I'm still not shocked, but I was incorrect in my last post.

Why doesn't the guy in that second photo there just have a sign bearing "Kill American Soldiers". Sheesh. People are so effing stupid sometimes.

It's fine to believe in something. It's not fine to forget the consequences to your actions.

Yeah, I know this is link whoring, but my thoughts on the whole thing run a bit long for the comments - find them here

Great blog you have here. Couldn't find much on the recent protesting until I found this blog via another blog. (always exapanding my blog list).

It doesn't matter what any protester does. Nothing would surprise me. No seriously... Nothing at all would surprise me. Why?

Because during the Iraqi War... I met up with a student who was vehemently opposed to the Iraqi War at my University. One day I decided to engage him in a series of questions.

This guy starts talking about how 'Evil' America is and how the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks were 'Justified.' He told me he was 'glad' that those attacks occured and that he basically has sympathy for the terrorists.

After that experience, and several beers to clam myself down, I vowed never to be surprised at what a Protestor or Liberal does. In my opinion... Because of what I experienced. I officially EQUATE Liberals and Protestors as TERRORISTS. Had it been 'LEGAL' to murder in America for expressing an opinion like that and I had weapon in my hand.... I would have been tempted to hurt this guy pretty badly.

The difference between us:

You feel like crying.

I feel like using the O in MORE on that sign as center bull for target practice.

Those photos are offensive to look at. In person, I would be inclined to shout first, bitch-slap second.

Peace my ass, protester's like that only want attention, and to stand contrary to everything, cloaked in a twisted moralism.

Well, as the Insta-Man has said so accurately for some time now "...they're not anti-war, they are just on the other side".

Heh, I'm reminded of my favorite protest sign of the bunch. It read "New World Odor"...what a bunch of geniuses (freudian slip, to be sure).

That lovely sentiment is as repulsive as the "We support our troops when they shoot their officers" banner from last years little idiot parade.

Criminally stupid, the lot of them.

I guess living overseas (Japan) makes me forget how crazy some Americans are. You'd be hard-pressed to find people like that in a military community, and the Okinawans are just too darn nice...I'm absoltuely blown away!!

And did anyone check out the "Everyone for Palestine" picture page? Buddists, ballerinas, and beached whales...hilarious. Haha, I really have got to get back to the States more often!

Lileks wrote about that sign for his bleat for today(monday). I found the website with the purported original photos here via Whomping Willow. I think the big meme tomorrow will be about this one picture, and whether it was photoshopped. I don't think it was, but the website does not identify the poster directly.

Yanno? I'm beginning to really hope that these folks "take to the streets and start the Revolution" when/if Bush wins this fall, as so many DU posters have talked about. My level of rage and contempt towards them has far passed the danger level point.

The difference between the protestors and us is when I see that sign, the FIRST thing I think of is not capitalism, or "American imperialism" or any other 'ism': I think of the 3000 people whose lives ended that day. And the sign makes me want to hurl. Right in the faces of the people carrying it.

I dearly hope the sign is photoshopped. But I suspect it is not.

I feel like Tom Cruise in the party scene in Eyes Wide Shut. He's entered a Bizarro world which he knows intellectually must exist somewhere in our depraved world, yet -- how could it possibly? Yet, again, here it is, in front of his wide open eyes.

Fortunately, the completely infantile irrationality of these protests means that the mask is indeed slipping, which also means that the party is about to come to an end. Thank goodness.

Oops, I'm a dumbass. You already had the link posted. That's what happens when I post under the influence.

"Visualize Dead Liberals" -JonB

Wow, so I guess this makes it fair game to say Michele is a fucking cunt who deserves to die?


Bear of Iron:
Long time no see. ;-) You're right about these idiots and their "revolution." Right now the only thing keeping vermin like them safe from gun-toting right-wing fiends like us is that we're basically decent, law-abiding, moral people.

The second they try to start a "revolution" in this country is the day their blood will flow in the streets. Until then, I'm content to let the little sock-monkeys dance in the streets and hold their repulsive little signs in the air. After all, I wouldn't want to be seen as not being "tolerant."

I posted a report about being in San Francisco and counter protesting on Saturday, here on A Small Victory. I'd repeat it, but I'm supposed to be working.

The "I heart NY" sign was there. Since this is SF, no one said "You're sick" to this low-life, or at least not that I heard.

I finished the day depressed as hell. I'm still depressed. I grant you, Saturday was a fine day, and there were so many other things to do, but we've surrendered the streets to these idiots, and impression is that they're the majority.

I, too, had things I wanted to do on Saturday besides stand around holding a sign. One year on from the start of Gulf War II I wanted to make the point that we did the right thing, for the right reasons. Channel 11, the NBC affiliate, stated conclusively that no counter protestors were present. They might as well have been right.

Stop complaining about their signs and come hold some of your own.

The site's been mirrored on my server, for one (http://www.swankyconservative.com) and will probably be mirrored on more soon. Zombie's getting hundreds of thousands of hits per hour!

Kerry must be proud of his grass roots supporters.
If he was smart, he'd denounce this type of activity and sentiment.

But somehow I don't think that's going to happen.

In SF, Berkeley, Marin and the surrounding areas, people are pretty fucking confused. Republicans = Corporations = Pure Evil.

Not all of us are like that.

I personally do NOT understand any of this stuff going on. I was raised very sheltered, and at 25 years old, am only now seeing the world for what it really is.

That being said, the only reason I know which side I'm on, is because of the people I'm surrounded by. One of our friends is ex-CIA. After he retired, he decided to go back to college, which is how we met him. His roommate is our age, and one of our closest friends. Everything I know about the world, I know from those two.

My boyfriend was born and raised in Malaysia. And even he sides with Israel.

Don't lump all Central Californians together. Some of us are on your side.

But sometimes the pure hatred from the other side just leaves us speechless.

Nobody is happy that 3,000 people died on 9/11, but people are happy that the events have forced the US to look at how it behaves in the international community. Sadly, as attested to by the conservative dumbasses commenting on this picture, it has forced most people to bond together in this fucked-up "us agianst the evil doers" nationalism.

Earlier posters have commented that people need to look at the consequences of their actions. That is true, maybe the governement should look at the consequences of attacking Iraq and killing thousands of innocent civilians. For what? No ties to Al Queda, no weapons of mass destruction, no imminent threat to the US.

But that is not what fuck wits like Rumsfeld said one year ago. No he needed to go and kill some "ragheads" of any sort to appease the moronic sentiment of eye-for-an-eye conservatives. Saddam Hussein was of course an easy target because he is a heartless bastard that oppressed his own people, but have they made the world a safer place? No. Billy-Bob dufus in Tenessee is no safer than before 9/11, but he is more likely to be unemployed, with his country facing massive deficits. Of course if he worked in the arms industry, which are all owned by Bush cronies, he may be better off.

I've covered several "peace" protests. This is by far the worst sign I've seen.

That leads me to believe one of three things: it's a fake, it's a prank (see "protest warrior"), or it's COINTELPRO II.

Was the sign's bearer part of a group, and did the other members of that group have more mainstream signs? That might indicate this wasn't false.

"maybe the governement should look at the consequences of attacking Iraq and killing thousands of innocent civilians."

Yeah asshole, and maybe bin Laden should look at the consequences of blowing up innocent civilians all over the world. Maybe the Arab states should look at the consequences of using Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as school textbooks. Maybe Muslims all over the world should look at the consequences of marching in the streets to support fascists and mass murderers. Maybe Europe should look at the consequences of handing out money to terrorists and dictators and turning a blind eye to their crimes in exchange for oil contracts. People like you make me sick with your glib blame-it-all-on-the-west bulls**t and complete ignorance of the demented attitudes on the other side. More than half of the people marching in any given antiwar protest would be lynched in most Arab countries.

And maybe the so-called peace lovers should look at the consequences of their propaganda campaign. If you succeed in stopping the war, the majority of Americans will see you as having stabbed us in the back and helped our enemies. Want to stick around for that party?

It's unlikely to be photoshopped; the "I N Y" sign is a cultural icon that's available on everything from billboards to coffee mugs (note the ® at the bottom of the upper part). This guy clearly managed to acquire one of the larger signs, and painted his own screed under it, though he was obviously unable to format his own commentary as well as the professionals behind the original sign could.

Luke, there are people who are happy that 3,000 people were killed on 9/11. See if you can tell me who they are.

fuck the wtc and fuck all you whiny bastards, i hope all of your children die the same way

Ladies and Gentlemen, there's really nothing you can say when confronted by idiots like our nameless troll above.

Well, except "Keep talking, punk. I'm reloading."

Stacy, first of all, what did Iraq have to do with bin Laden? Oh yeah, Hussein is one of those arabs that are all out to destroy western civilization. In fact, because there are fanatics in those countries, we should probably send over more soldiers and basically annihilate and take over the entire region just for that reason.

"More than half of the people marching in any given antiwar protest would be lynched in most Arab countries." It sounds like you are sad that this can't happen in America, wonderful attitude, but just what the present administration would probably like, let's keep down any dissenting voice and label them as anti-American. And what does being anti-war and anti-globalization have to do with being anti-American. I love my country, but just wish it would make different decisions and go in a different direction.

Stacy, one more thing
"Maybe Europe should look at the consequences of handing out money to terrorists and dictators and turning a blind eye to their crimes in exchange for oil contracts"

Maybe the US should look at the consequences of supporting and arming Saddam Hussein in the 1980s when it was in their interest.

To quote the great comedian Bill Hicks:

US government: Iraq has a very immpressive arsenal of weapons. Great missles and tanks.

Journalist: How do you know this?

US government: Uh..we looked at the receipt.

Luke, Nearly all of The weapons Iraq had are of European origin.

Well, except for the weapons from Brazil and Russia.

Luke - email me for the reference. Happy to oblige. I don't feel like eating up anymore of Michele's bandwidth on it; have posted it twice.

You didn't answer my question dude...who's happy about the victims of 9/11?

I forgot China. Number 3 on the hit parade.

grin I make it out of the 'Bear Cave on occassion to see what's going on in the blogosphere, Otto. ;]

And then I see stuff like this and crawl back in to hibernate some more.

to start off with evil otto yo are a FAG

NEXT the world trade center stood for everything wrong with the american society. the days of life revolving around the almighty dollar should have ended with the destruction of the wtc but stupid americans dont learn

praise allah

The new fascists are the reds now, just look how much they despise their own country and the people who think differently from them. REAL fascists my God! People who don't give a damn about thousands of their countrymen being murdered!. They are so sick that they even blame the victims! Americans asked for it! O God! How perverted can you be in your appreciation of truth.

I use to eat my lunch in the plaza between the towers. When the towers came down, I felt the need to seek revenge against those who would kill me. I am not a rational being. Were it left up to me, I would nuke the Arab world, burn the lititure of Islam, bury its practioners in a common grave under pig lots and enforce a death penalty for the mention of their demonic gods name. If you are offended by that or consider me an extremest because of it, realize that this rant is nothing more than the english translation of muslam philosophy regaurding western sociaty.

Palestinians are not anti-Semitic you fool. These people where calm and of no problem until we granted Israel a chunk of Palestine. Israel made it a law that no Palestinians could live in Israel. Driving families out of their homes and if they did not comply they were imprisoned (a death sentence for children, their prisons are no better then Sadam's). Palestinians aren't Nazis or skinheads; they are just trying to get their freedom back.

For those protesters, you shouldn't judge a group of people just because a few of them seem like psychopaths. If you did that then in your right of mind you would see everyone as a stereotype and not what they actually are you closed-minded Bureaucrat. It is if I were to see a Pro-War assemblage as a group of people who hate Iraqis or Muslims. I say your thoughts are narrow minded and idiotic. You shouldn't talk of witch you don't understand.
And for Ché he is a hero he freed the people of Cuba until Fidel Castro(The communist) had him assassinated. Fidel Castro would be the bad guy.

oh yeah and...... SHOVE-IT.

I read most of those comments next to the pix and they really do seam quite racist and prejudice.

your no better then the people you hate

Name, did you sleep through spelling classes in fifth grade?

Why? What did I misspell?

  • "people where calm" where = were
  • "talk of witch" witch = which
  • "really do seam" seam = seem
  • "your no better" your = you're
  • "then the people" then = than
  • "And for Ché he is a hero" does not compute.

what is spelling class?

sorry I don't have spell-check but you should really try looking Ché up in the oxford dictionary it should be there

Ché look it upin a history book maybe you can learn something

Ché look it up in a history book maybe you can learn something

i didn't spell anything wrong. they're grammer errors

That's grammar. Not grammer. But who's counting.

Anyhow, re: Che.

Not into the whole socialism thing.


heh try educating yourself spelling isn't the only thing in this world

Yea, socialsm. That thing that Che was fond of.


Educate yourself, babe.

the link goes no where


Well, guess I couldn't expect you to figure out how to copy and paste the URL into a browser all by yourself.

This is a hyperlink. Cick it. It will take you to a book that Che wrote about socialsm. Because he was a....wait for it....socialist.

Nice link, Mr. Name. Communism! Socialism! Anarchy! Rage Against the Machine!

If I spend any more time there I'll be shitting hammers and sickles..

For a real solution to the war, check out www.draftwes.com