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something old, something new, an earache and some links for you

[worst. title. ever.] I haven't done a blog roundup in a while and there's no time like a Sunday morning when your child was up half the night before with a brutal earache, thus keeping you awake as well, while you rubbed his back and thrust half of the medicine cabinet down his throat in an effort to make the pain go away. Parents of infants, beware. When they are teeny tiny babies and they scream and cry, you will say "I wish my baby could talk so I would know what's bothering him so." Alas, knowing what's bothering them and being able to fix it at 4am on a Sunday morning are not the same thing. And one without the other leaves you feeling just as helpless as you did when you spent the night roaming the hospital hallway while your 18 month old son was getting a spinal tap in an effort to figure out what the hell was causing him such agony. Well, here's to crawling back into bed and having another dream about Mickey Kaus. Meanwile, I leave you with my collected bookmarks for the week past: * Fritz is being harassed by the Discovery Channel over a parody post he wrote - but is it really about that particular post or the one where he calls TDC out for selling products with hate symbols on them? * If you, like myself, are a fan of the His Dark Materials trilogy, you need to read the Archbishop of Canterbury's debate with Phillip Pullman on the subjects of life, God and the universe. * In case you're wondering, Stephen King supported Howard Dean, Nelson DeMille supports John Kerry and Babs supports ABB (anyone but Bush). * I'm supposed to be part of an eclectic group of guestbloggers over at Boi from Troy while the BFT is off trekking through Prague. I will get over there at some point today, but meanwhile you should check out how the other guests are doing. See, when you're a nice guy, like BFT is, you get guest bloggers who treat your home with respect. Unlike some other people. * New (to me) blog son my list that I think you'll enjoy: The Moderate Voice, Large-Regular. * The Tobacco Road Fogey has moved. Ajdust accordingly. * How sweet. The DU denizens are wishing George Sr. death for his birthday. * Arafat on Passion of the Christ: It's a four grenade movie! * You probably know by now that Nukevet has moved, but make sure you check out the splash page. * Don't miss HurryUpHarry's visit to the London protests. * I am seriously behind on my email. I'm not ignoring you, I'm just practicing my procrastinating skills. Well, that and I need a few more hours in a day to get everything done that I need to. Alright, today is if you got it, link it day. Proceed to whore yourself, drop some good links or just bitch and complain in the comments. I've got more packing to do and a pediatrician to call.


funny you should mention babs
i just had to copy and paste her whole
human rights speech into my blog
because i thought it was so powerful
and yeah
say what you will
because i am just a huge babs fan
lov her
always will
nails and all

"Proceed to whore yourself ..."

As part of my "religion of the week" series, I've got an interesting post - and some better comments - about Charismatic Christianity.

Religion of the Week

Want to read about a conservative Republican who: 1) defends Howard Stern; and 2) enjoys listening to NPR? this post is for you

I'm a whore.

15 wives of the detained Cuban political prisoners(jailed a year ago undercover of the opening of the Iraq war) marched in Havana on Friday.

Well, I'm already whoring myself in the blogads over on the right, but what the hell...

I've put together a new system designed for local blogging. You can find it here

Well, if you insist. I made a movie poster of John Kerry and the whole snowboarding incident. And the post prior to that one has a nice mp3 download.

The Iron Cross is still in use by the German AF. I think Fritz is way off base here.

If you're so inclined, go and see what CD's I sold this past week.

On the whole---very lame, but wtf.