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Jesus, Snails and Me

It's Saturday night at ten and I'm on the couch, reading blogs and taking ridiculous quizzes. Normally, I would be out on a Saturday night, most likely partying with movie stars and sipping champagne with heads of state, but I gave up that life when I realized it was only happening in my head. Spent all day packing and purging. I swear, if we had the money to spare, I would just empty the entire contents of this house into a garbage dump and start fresh in the new house. Well, except for the DVDs and CDs. Took too long to accumulate them. And the kids. I don't think the people moving in here when we leave would appreciate finding two kids stuffed in the closet. While I was packing, I was also thinking. Plotting out that movie where Jesus takes on the zombies. I decided the zombies should win, but they don't get to gloat too much because God pays a visit and smites them all with a ten ton megawatt lightning bolt. And then Jesus comes back for the sequel: The Fashion of the Christ, in which Jesus is maligned by the fashion community for those hideous robes that are all the Jesus wannabes are wearing. Anyhow, Saturday night after a day spent packing up, getting bitched at for being a minion of satan (if only - I hear the pay is great) and bitching about protesters. It's always good to end a day like with a few useless quizzes.
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I'm "Happy Evil."


Well, if you're looking for new flatware, check out Barron's. Mail order only and good prices.

They're in Michigan.

I'm a minion of Satan.

But my duties are largely ceremonial.


The Fashion of the Christ is already out. It was playing at the Springfield Googolplex in last week's much maligned episode of the Simpsons.

and speaking of zombies...GO SEE DAWN OF THE DEAD!! eeeek!!
World chaos, and zombies running faster than track stars!! I loved it!

they could call the sequel "Queer Eye for the Christ Guy"

although I don't think that would play too well in some areas of Tennessee...

Just like Lenore.

You know, she accidentally keeps killing kids and stuff. Except Mr Gosh.

(Insert deranged laughter here)