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Speak of the Devil

We were just talking about the Misfits in the comments of my Metallica post last night. Conservative Punks for Bush - and there's Michael Graves talking about his hero, George Bush. Conservative Punk website And hey, let's not turn this into a Danzig/Graves fight, ok? I've had enough of them to last a lifetime. (For the record, I like both their stuff, though Danzig's solo albums are a stratosphere above any Graves era Misfits)


there is also GOPunk.com bulletin boards, butthey are still quite new and lame.

Some new posters would help, though :)

Well, Britton beat me to mentioning GOPunk, but s/he neglected to mention that you've been linked by them. :)

Duane Peters once said, "Hippies were the anti-war movement, and punk is the anti-hippie movement."

(I'm a he, btw, and I'm glad they added the link)

MOTHER... Can you keep them in the dark for life, can you hide them from the waiting world... Ooooooh MOTHER!