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No what for what??

While protesters all over the world are standing around yelling out chants and silly rhymes to support their idea that the Iraq would have been better off with Saddam still in power, President Bush is in Orlando giving the speech of his life. Hopefully, they will have the text up quickly.


Michele, nothing you say will sway the folks who firmly believe Bush is the anti-christ (though they aren't Christian). It's a deep seated hatred akin to the Red Sox fan against the Yankee.

Dang. And I'm stuck at home with a sinus headache, and I don't have a car anyway. Or else I'd love to be taking pictures with my cheapass digital camera of the Democrat party's 99 Luftballons. You know what they are going to make the main focus of their protest? The budget deficit. I kid you not. Yeah, the heck with terrorist attacks -- what really keeps me up late at night is worrying about the budget deficit.

That was cool, AF1 and several fighter jets went almost directly over my house on the way in.

Millions for Defense, not one penny for Tribute!

I know the blogosphere is more intelligent than the rest of the country, but the lesson of the Barbary Pirates bears repeating.

Check it out.

Is that what that noise was.

Just saw it...it was actually very good as his speeches go. He looked like a fighter getting ready for the Ding! and once that happened, he just went to town.

Kerry's got some work to do apres-ski.

I think this is the text of the speech you're looking for.

Hope this helps.

Kind of OT: Via Lucianne, seems Bernstein doesn't like what he wrought, but might not even realize his hand in it, IMHO. From Tampa Bay Trib:

...Bernstein also turned his attention Thursday to the coming election, calling President Bush "the most radical president of my lifetime and perhaps in the century."

Bernstein said Bush "is radical in every degree," from a favoritism of the wealthy to a pre-emptive foreign policy to a lack of concern for civil rights.

"He certainly seems more ideological than any of our presidents," Bernstein said.

Even so, Bernstein said he hopes a genuine debate can take place this year about the future of the country, rather than the petty quarrels and meaningless accusations that so often dominate campaign coverage.

"Let's move beyond the absurd name-calling and sound bite journalism," he said. "It is our job ... to force a real debate."


Uh, Carl? You're losing the real debate, I think that's what has you concerned.