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What He Said

I was sitting here typing this long, convoluted post about a myriad of subjects, but this is much more succint and accurate: [click for bigger] Day by Day by Chris Muir [And don't forget, free Damon!]


there's a real hoot of a toon at Steve's LittleTinyLies right now.

and, thanks!

Let's say Bush 41 finished Saddam off in 1991. That means the WTC would never have been destroyed. Right?

Chris Muir is a god.

He's not the god. At least I don't think so. But he is a god.

Thou hast called unto me, Jeff.

I tell thee, verily, I am not god.

more like an imp.


Not necessarily. Think Chaos Theory. We can't say that Osama wouldn't have been emboldened by the Somalia debacle because that might have still occurred. However, it might have made the Taliban government of Afghanistan more cautious; there almost certainly wouldn't have been an aircraft hijacker training facility at Zalman Pak, Iraq to train terrorists in these techniques (I'm not sure if any of the 9/11 hijackers actually trained there, but they may have been taught by graduates, or from manuals written by them). Generally speaking, if you can end a war with final defeat and occupation of your enemy's territory, it works better; for example, WWI did NOT end that way, leading many German military (including a certain Austrian Corporal) to conclude that they hadn't been defeated but betrayed. Get rid of the traitors (Jews), and try again. WWII.

Ironically, our biggest mistake in Iraq may have been to win humanely; Saddam and his followers didn't feel defeated, seeing our restraint as inability.

Of course not necessarily, I was just wondering if anyone was paying attention to a cartoon struggling to link Iraq to the WTC attack. I get tired of that.

I see the Somalia debacle as a descendant of the 1983 Lebanon debacle. Foolish deployment of U.S. troops, into a no-win situation, inevitable disaster, and retreat. OBL can take any lesson from that he wants, if we didn't leave we would still be there.

Wasn't Zalman Pak in Kurdish controlled Iraq? I have never heard any hint of any link between there and 9-11.

Germany was occupied until they signed that treaty. It came after the armistice.

Salman Pak is located close to downtown Baghdad. I don't think that's Kurdish controlled.

Salman Pak from Global Security