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shows.jpgI've mentioned here a thousand times before that I just can't stand listening to Metallica anymore. Old, new, whatever. It just pains me. But damn, Battery is still a great song. Makes me wish I was a heavy metal rock star. I have this sudden urge to bang my head while flashing the metal sign.


I go through those phases with Metallica as well... yet their Live Shit: Binge & Purge material always brings me back.


the "master of puppets" album was the cutoff separating "timeless" metallica from that other crap.

they "jumped the shark" somewhere between "and justice for all" and that pop/black album.

Ya I agree, old Metallica was always, to me, the real Metallica. Stuff even before Master of Puppets (Battery, Damage Inc are good songs though).

I understand they got popular and had to move on as a band, but being an angst filled youth when they came on the scene with Kill Em All and Ride The Lighting...I guess its just the nostalgia of it all to me that make these albums and their songs my Metallica of choice-if there is such a thing as nostalgia with this type of music.

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I too have my Metallica-moods wedged into my "I'm too old for that shit" norm... My fave was Ride The Lightning - lots of kickass memories associated with that album.

Yeah, I can relate. To me, Master of Puppets and And Justice For All are the best. Good tunes on other albums, but as a whole those 2 stand out for me. Maybe 'cuase they're the first ones I heard. In certain moods there's nothing better than "Sanitarium" or "One". Other times, the signature Hammet solo's tend to go on a little too long.

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Battery is good but Bread Fan is it's lesser known, somewhat more rowdy cousin. Give it a listen - you won't be sorry.

Jim. Bread Fan, while not an orginal of theirs, is my favorite Metallica song.

one of the hallmarks of a good band, they cover some tunes better than the original artists.

like my band for example. cough cough.

goddam it's been ages since I've headbanged to anything. What an old fart I am! :) Gotta agree with the majority here, the older Metallica was the shit. After "And Justice..." they began to go in a, ah, er, different direction.

I did meet them once when I was a whippersnapper. Tell me if you can think of a cooler job for a headbanging young girl than to be the weekend deejay for the only rock station in town. I had it made. I got to meet a bunch of musicians I idolized, most of them turned out to be assholes, but the Metallidudes were sooooooo cool..

Ah, memories.

Master is a great album. There are also a lot of Garage Days cover songs that are good too. I don't know why, but I've always been partial to Last Caress/Green Hell.

MOPwasok, but it's no "Ride the Lightening"

If youlike "Last caress" or"Green Hell" then listento the original Misfits tracks.

Ahhh, heaven:)

Misfits...now there is a band...We are 138!

Bread Fan--was that originally by Thin Lizzy?

Oh and you should also probably not check out this Bluegrass tribute to Metallica

I rather like S&M, Michael Kamen (RIP) did a great job with the band. I can listen to Metallica s/t any time and love Master of Puppets.

Breadfan was a Budgie tune. I quit looking for Budgie stuff after about 5 years. it was either too expensive or just couldn't find it. Still would like to hear the original, though.

I always thought MoP was Metallica's pinnacle, but Garage Days and Justice were okay. I saw them twice on the And Justice for All tour. After that i just sort of lost interest in them. I still like listening to that older stuff, too.

And after years of having to hear all the great MIsfits stuff on 3rd and 4th generation tapes (i mean the hard to find stuff), i was SOOOO freakin happy to spend $40 on the box set. Gawds, that just made my year.

That box set is awesome. The coffin is the perfect touch.

The boxed set is nice, but I sort of miss being an elitist with all that stuff on vinyl, heh.

If you have a turntable Budgie LPs are pretty easy to track down and not that expensive. I'm not a big fan, but they do have their moments and the Metallica influence is pretty easy to hear.