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TCP Wants You (to join our birthday celebration)

Regarding the Command Post birthday, I'd like to add something Alan wrote over at TCP:
[We] will post some thoughts on the past year throughout the weekend, and we'd ask the same of our contributors. So contributors, if you have thoughts on the past year, especially regarding how you, us, them, blogs, journalism, or politics may have changed, post them in Op Ed. And readers, we want to hear from you, too! If you have thoughts about the past year at Command Post, or opinions about the intersection of blogs, journalism, and society, email them to info at command-post dot org. As long as they pass our subjective tests of decency and respect, well post them on the Op Ed page (be sure to tell us in your email if you dont want your name revealed). Well take submissions through Monday. Wed love to hear from you, and you can see your name in lights!
While you're over at TCP, please read A Year in Iraq. It's an incredibly interesting, informative article, written by experts in the field (By Major John Voorhees and First Lieutenant Adria Toth) detailing everything that took place in the first year of the war, from the Road to Baghad right down to an Operation Summary. It's a must read.


And remember you do make a difference...

Been playing with an anagram program, so I can reveal that "The Command Post" has "Oh, capt mom's dent" as an anagram. See, you're making a dent.

Also "A small victory" (which sounds a bit like an anagram anyway) turned up:

Mystical valor
vol'ms Alacrity
Loyalist vcr ma
Amorally sic tv
Victory's llama
My Vacillators
I'm lots cavalry
ms clarity oval

I Smartly vocal
which sounds better than
Smartly Cola IV

via troll's ymca

Oh and don't forget the Hunter Thompson:

Valor's amyl tic

By the way we can't elect John F Kerry, his only anagrams are:

Honky jr ref
Jerk fry hon
Forky hen jr

While George W Bush can be rearranged to show half the language (too many anagrams to even look at)

Funny the first thing it turns out applies to the Gay marriage thing though:

"George W Bush" <-> "he buggers, ow"

Last-minute half-assed blogburst on the anniversary of the war here.