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there's news over there

I apologize for the crap posting today, but sometimes Command Post must take precedent. If you are interested at all in what's going on in Pakistan, you should check out the very cool terrain maps that a Command Post reader whipped up for us. Does anyone else find it odd that CNN, FOX, MSNBC and every other major media outlet is covering this story by the minute, with bold headlines, graphics an everything, and Drudge hasn't even mentioned it yet? He used to be big on war stuff. He seems to have gone the way of gossip columnist lately. Yes, I know. I have a chip on my shoulder about Drudge. You don't have to bring it up.


Jesus ... do you have some chip on your shoulder about Drudge or something?

'Tis 'zactly why me link title for him on me blog is "The Enquirer".

Here's news

"A driver in Montpellier, France, has been convicted for trying to run over a pedestrian he mistook for fugitive al-Qaeda boss Osama Bin Laden."

Well at least he's trying. Nice one Pierre!

I am noticed that many people in the blogsphere who used to be big on the war stuff, and are now talking about everything but.

I wonder why that is?


Drudge lost me with his big "Rush is our Brain! We NEED YOU RUSH!" squeals in the interview he did right after Limbaugh went into rehab.

Like, eeewww, Matt. Rush was my brain, I'd get a lobotomy. ;]