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no more wires

First post from laptop. I'm wireless baby! I made this post from my bed. Now comes the special moment: It's time to name the laptop. Everything has to have a name, you know. Our desktop is named Akuma. My benefactor, the person who gave me this beautiful machine, had set the name as "Michele's Box." Cute, eh? Taking suggestions for a new name.


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and beautiful


or my favorite....


Kobiyashi Maru

Kerry 2004?

Someone once suggest Abe so when it screws up, you can go, "What the fuck, Abe?!" Ever since, I've always liked that name for a computer.

I'm boring; mine's just known as The Dell.

Linda. Carol.


Giraffe Snot.

Generally presidential names of presidents you've never seen on television are good. Hubert or something.










("Anta BAKA desu!")

Knuckles Cheese



Staying true to its roots: Bocks

Well, after "Sassy," try:
Hal 2004
Joshua (computer in "War Games")
Max ("Max Headroom")
Dexter ("The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes")
Johnny Mnemonic

I'll probably think of three other computer movies or TV shows after I post this.

Congrats on the wireless connection and the laptop.


"I've got no strings...."

My boss used to work for Wang computers. He loved saying, "Well, time for me to work on my Wang!" Then, the company went bankrupt.

That's probably not a good name.

How about Dexter?


When I set up my laptop this weekend, I named it Pippin. What can I say, I'm a geek.

Got the wireless hookup yesterday. It's nice to multitask from your bed.

Yes, that sounds more perverted than it was meant to be ;)

So you are lying in bed, fingers rapping on your box?


Lets go with Haruka from FLCL.

Didn't you name it in your previous post?


My laptop is named "Ghost Rider".

or a non-bot name: Fry, Zoidberg, Gunter, Slurms Mackenzie...

Ohh! My wireless tablet is Toby the Toshiba. Use the same first letter for the brand and the monicker! It's all the rage now! (Okay, I totally made that up, but if you and I start it, it could become a rage. Heh.)

sister christian.

Joe Green, that's "Asuka Langley Soryu" from Evangelion Neon Genesis, isn't it.

I'm all for that or almost any character from Evangelion.

Trivia, "Ayanami" is the name of battleship from WWII. I think all of the last names came from that sort of thing.

Rei is to sad a character to name a computer for, I think.

It seems apropriate that an unsolicited internet gift comes with a slightly pervy twist. The internet is where men show that we're all heavy breathers. Seems kind of Japanese, even.


F*cking Wireless Baby!!!!! :-)

Personally, I tend to reserve judgement on naming a computer until its personality can be established, but here are a few ideas:

B1-66ER (turned against its master)
H.o.G. (powered by an improbability drive)
Wintermute (instant street cred)

I feel like a neglectful owner, now. This computer doesn't have a name, and neither did the last one.

Geez, Michele. Now it's so crowded in the bed with all of us here, I can't get to sleep.

Would somebody please turn out the night light.

Hey! Who brought the crackers to bed. Get those crumbs outta here.

Those aren't crackers, they're tortilla chips.

<crunch, crunch>

"Joe Green, that's 'Asuka Langley Soryu' from Evangelion Neon Genesis, isn't it."


Deep Thought - the second most powerful computer ever created.
Earth- the greatest computer ever, (although it blew up- it must've had windows)
T.A.R.D.I.S. -(anyone Dr Who?) or K-9

I named my last one "The Boss of You" but I'm looking for something for my new system. Elliot?