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Blogging goes Boom

A Boom Time For Bloggers - Philadelphi Inquirer My partner-in-crime Alan was interviewed for this article. Oh, and this blog gets called sassy. Say it with me. Sassssy. Reporter Beth Gillin did a great job on the article. Kudos to her for mentioning Scott Elliot's parents and Bob Zangas.


Sprechen sie sassy?

This must be the first mainstream news article ever written about blogs that doesn't mention Glenn Reynolds or Andrew Sullivan. Thank God.

"Sassy", huh? I can dig it.

Hi, Sassy. I'm Gassy.

Sassy grapics for sure!

Spiced Sass is already taken.

That's right folks. Voice AND verve.

Did someone say "Sassy"?

Yess precioussss, ssassssy... sso very ssassssy...

I always knew you were sassy. Sassy and sexy! Wait a minute. That sounds like my personal ad. ;)

Say it with me _

This may be too obscure, but this reminds me of the "Sports Night" episode where what's-her-name (wife of William H. Macy.... oh, crap, let's look it up... okay, I now remember: Felicity Huffman... okay, where was I... oh, yeah...) was called "smokey" by what's-his-name from Six Feet Under(... Peter Krause, isn't the internet great!!). What was my point?...

That Michele writing "sassy" reminds me of Felicity Huffman saying "smokey"... man, this is lame, got to drink less before posting.

Great article, but one major problem...