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while you were out

It figures. I step away from the computer for a while and all hell breaks loose. Well, not really. But we are very, very busy over at Command Post, bringing you the latest details on the capture of a very "high ranking" member of al-Qaeda, possibly the #2 man in al Qaeda. I'll be over there for a while. Heh. Not only are the DU people making the usual claims that this is all staged or fake, but some of them insist that CNN is in on it! And Drudge, that super reporter, is still headlining the alarmist asteroid-headed-towards-earth news.


I find Drudge great reading at work. Why the beef?

A potential poem,

Bush knew

There's gold here. I'll work on it.

And, he still has the picture of that skank, Courtney Love up...way to be on top of that Grudge...talk about your assistant crack whores.

Dave in Texas, that works for me just the way it is. Just gotta figure what to put on the back of the T-shirt.

Imagine the uproar if American troups were shelling (an evacuated) village instead of Pakistani troups.

Well, it would depend on if the troupe had clowns in it or not. ;)