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on a lighter note....

We've taken over Bill's blog. Don't ask how we got in. But damn, are we making a wreck of the place. The bastard deserves it.


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He is going to have a lot of cleaning up to do.

Um. Okay, so, I don't know this Bill guy at all and for all I know he's the asshole of the universe. But...

I don't know. Breaking into someone's blog and fucking it up just because you don't like them seems pretty low.

One man's opinion.

Jeez Joshua, get a sense of humor, or at least know something about Bill, Michele, Windrider, before you post.

Yeah, it kind of looks like they're being mean, doesn't it? However, they all appear to be friends of his. You can tell from actually reading what they've done, which by the way, is funny.

Oh, and Joshua, what Michele et.al. did was the equivalent of TPing a house (do kids still do that??).

It's like we used to say in high school: "The only thing worse than getting TPed is never getting TPed".

david- I did read several of the posts, and the whole tone seemed pretty nasty. Nasty in that "joking" way, but nasty. Clearly I just didn't have the context to judge.

Like I said, I don't know the guy or the situation. I was just making a general statement of belief.

All from love, Joshua, I assure you.

Joshua - It's all in good fun. They're friends. Assholes, but friends. No worries but thanks for the concern. JFH is right...I've been TP'ed.


We love you, Bill.

In a nasty sort of way.

Joshua - Remember Michelle is a New Yorker, and so probably
are her friends. That should clarify things for you.

Well, Bill IS from Jersey....

Jersey huh? Considering the quantity and quality of the bathroom humor I should have figured that one out. Thanks for dotting all the i's and crossing the t's.

It's not all potty humor. Some of it's insightful political analysis.

Also, I tend to lie a lot.

It's hard to tell if the lunatics are now running the asylum or the lunatic who had been running things is back in his soft-sided room.

Either way, the SuckFactor has dropped to near zero.

It just occurred to me that it might have been an inside job...
What did Alice know and when did she know it?