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John Kerry, Man of Action. Or inaction, when it comes to defense. NARRATOR: “Few votes in Congress are as important as funding our troops at war. Though John Kerry voted in October, 2002 for military action in Iraq, he later voted against funding our soldiers....” SENATE CLERK: “Mr. Kerry:” ANNOUNCER V/O: “No..” NARRATOR: “Body armor for troops in combat.” SENATE CLERK: “Mr. Kerry:” ANNOUNCER V/O: “No.” NARRATOR: “Higher combat pay.” SENATE CLERK: “Mr. Kerry:” ANNOUNCER V/O: “No.” NARRATOR: “And, better health care for reservists and their families…” SENATE CLERK: “Mr. Kerry:” ANNOUNCER V/O: “No.” Not the guy I want in the White House at a time like this. I'll have more on this later, for now see Ed Moltzen rip Kerry apart on the issue of homeland security.


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God, I hate election years. Not that Kerry's above doing the same damned thing, but these ads are so full of crap.

This is the scoop on the latest Bush one:

And just to be fair, here's the facts on Kerry's claim that Bush cut health benefits for veterans:

Sorry. I'll go back to my end of the cave now.

I still contand that Kerry is a smokescreen and decoy to try to make the Repubs do something stupid.And it comes down to one basic question:If there is a chance in hell that the Dems can take the Whitehouse in 2004,does anyone really think that the Billlary would allow anyone but themselves through the door?I see a scandal coming just before the convention that will make Kerry ineligible so that the Hillary/McCain ticket can be nominated,and then the rebubs will have to gear up for that "surprise",and the last 60 days will be dedicated to her thanks to the "stupid media".

Well Mbruce, that would certainly make things interesting, wouldn't it?

Hillary/McCain Ticket? Heh. Unless you mean, like, EDWIN McCain, no way in hell.

I love FactCheck.org. Nothing like keeping both sides honest.

You know, I didn't see any bill which called out better body armor, higher combat pay, or better health care for reservists. I do remember a bill for $87 billion, after the administration had estimated less than $10 billion, with a refusal to even consider scaling back tax cuts on people in the top 10% of income.

Anyway, the bill passed.

Has it meant body armor? It has not. All of us in my neighborhood contributed to purchasing and shipping body armor to a local National Guard member who is deployed in Iraq.

Has it meant higher combat pay? It has not. In fact, the same soldier's pay has been running months late - apparently common in the National Guard - and the family has been scrambling to make the mortgage.

Has it meant better health care? It has not. Nothing has changed, and two of this soldier's buddies have been waiting for months for medical care at Fort Stewart.

Twist all you like, and speculate on what terrible decisions Kerry might make. I'm looking at 3-1/2 years of terrible decisions that the Bush Administration DID make -- apparently, deploying a missile defense that has never worked in a single test in time for the elections is more important that funding the troops who are risking their lives in service to their country.

I am still a registered Republican. But I will NOT be voting for these ideological f***ups whose only talking point after 3-1/2 years of being in power is "the other guy would be worse."

You just can't top Kerry's answer to this ad for its raw, undiluted Kerryism:

"I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it."

He's the Real Deal!

You right wingers are such projectionists. Because you fantasize about "taking over" the government, you accuse the Clintons of intending to.

I still get great big jollies out of watching wingnuts get all hyperventilated over Hillary. I want her to run just to see the CONservative eyeballs spin around and see the smoke spew from the CONservative ears.

>"I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it."

Are you that ignorant of how the Senate works?

"Kerryism" indeed.

Neverminding the fact that Bush is sending troops into combat zones with less than complete kits. But hey, let's blame that on Kerry too, enough bleating and the sheep will buy that lie as well.

What's next, photoshopped pics of Kerry having lunch with Satan? Or maybe they'll show him eating aborted fetuses?

And yeah, Hillary/McCain? Um yeah, let's see McCain's a Republican and Hillary's got no chance of getting nominated much less elected.

Ducktape, welcome to the other side.

By the way, if the tables were turned and there were a Democrat in the White House doing what Bush has been doing then I would be shouting just as loudly for his removal. Its not a party thing, its the basic fact that George Bush is a fundamentally flawed and corrupt man.

"its the basic fact that George Bush is a fundamentally flawed and corrupt man."

Well it could be your opinion, which would okay. It could be a conclusion although you site very little evidence of this (unless you think Bush was behind the photo-shopped picture). But it can't be a FACT.

It's not a lie if it's true by the way, factcheck.org doesn't say anything in the ad is a lie.

"Are you that ignorant of how the Senate works?"

Hey Kerry opened the door when he claims to have voted for thing when it meant little and did not vote for something when it became law.

Kerry voted against the $87B because he was getting hammered by the Dem base for his IWR vote. He voted for IWR because he did not have the gravitas to stand against it when the DLC decided Bush-lite was a way top appeal to the public. Kerry finally got some balls on the campaign trail after Dean paved the way even doing the roll up the sleeves schtick. He's a phony populist. Dean may have been as well but at least he didn't sound so phony.

Great, 8 months of dirty fighting between 2 over priveledged liars. I am so looking forward to this.

Where's Monty Brewster when you need him?

Kerry photoshopped eating lunch with Satan? Dude, that's just silly.

Satan is his hairdresser. You don't eat lunch with the help.

Has it meant body armor? It has not.

Hubs has brand new body armor, as well as host of other goodies. Ordered before deployment, issued at the mob site.

Has it meant higher combat pay? It has not.
It went from 100. to 225.. I'd call that higher. Also hubs receives 7 different types of pay, don't confuse one with the whole. As to the lateness issues. The Army Guard is the only one of the guard/reserve forces that doesn't have their payoll integrated. (in this case, with the army) This has caused problems, but the problems aren't with base pay, bah, or sep rats, it's with pay specific to the mos/rank/training/area they are in, and it has to be corrected by the soldier in the field. It sucks, but kick the army guard for that one. Also, base pay has gone up, bah has gone up. In 2000 we ran 15% behind comparable civilian jobs, now it's less than 3 % and that should change with the next round of raises.

We've had exactly one late check, that was the first one issued when hubs went from state orders to federal orders. Also, there's the SSCRA which was updated and signed into law in Dec 2003. This is there to protect guard/reservist's and their families. If your friends family doesn't know about it, it's something they should definately look into.

Has it meant better health care? It has not. Nothing has changed .

Though what is going on with your friends buddies is just plain wrong, that doesn't change the fact that tricare deductibles have been waived, that a new law will be giving tricare to guard and reservists for 3 months before deployment and 3 months after. It's retroactive for those who deploy with less notice, they will be able to submit any bills for reimbursement. There's a host of other changes as well, some, even though they have been voted in, tricare hasn't implemented yet.

Lets also add that due to some pretty dang awesome medics and doctors that we have lost less than one percent of those injured in battle. Nothing previously has ever come close to that number.

The military is a giant roll of red tape. Just like any other bureacracy, there are 9000 pencil pushers between those who vote it in and those who receive it.

First off: Bravo's to: DUCKTAPE, JOHNNY HUH and DAVE IN TEXAS for seeing through the bullshit.

Isn't it amazing how a huge bill which covers a myriad of issues can be diluted down to only a few when it suits a politician's interests?

Come on... no one on either side is going to flat-out DENY our troops of Body Armor or any of the other contentions made by the ad you quoted. The fact is, when a bill is as deeply flawed as the infamous $87 Billion, it deserves to be voted down and revised.

To TINK: Your obviously well-informed diatribe would have been much more informative to me if I knew what all the acronyms you used meant. One thing I DO know: Many of the recent advancements in military benefits were enacted as incentives. I have friends who are Career Military, approaching 20 years. Their pay and benefits haven't changed, but they've mentioned to me how the new "kids" are getting all kinds of benefits and bonuses. Hardly a show of appreciation to the "lifers".

Doesn't it stand to reason that a heavily decorated combat veteran will have a more realistic military policy than a person who took advantage of family influence to stay home during wartime?

Forget the AWOL accusations for the moment. THe fact is, Kerry was there. 3 purple hearts, Bronze Star, etc. He knows about war. Dubya stayed home, along with many other sons of the powerful. Can't say as I blame him, to be honest. All I'm saying is, Kerry's combat experience can't be ignored, and a cushy Guard post (whether fulfilled or not) hardly compares.

I find it very interesting that 8 months before the election, the incumbent is already launching attacks like this. At this point in a campaign, the challenger usually hasn't even been chosen yet. And Junior has nothing of note to say about his own record? 8 months to go and he's already resorting to mud-slinging? Doesn't seem like a position of confidence and power to me.

DUCKTAPE put it very nicely when he said: "I am still a registered Republican. But I will NOT be voting for these ideological f***ups whose only talking point after 3-1/2 years of being in power is "the other guy would be worse."

Kevin, I was cracking wise. I couldn't disagree with you more. I just like throwing in a laugh every now and then.