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The missing News

Just in case you were wondering, that revolt in Iran is still going on. Blogs will keep you updated because the media seems to have time for Courtney Love and pandas having sex, but can't seem to find someone to cover an uprising that is being met with incredible violence. Oh, and that little thing going on in Syria? Yep, still going on:
"They are rounding us up" I have just received news from a friend in northern Kurdistan who has family in Syrian Kurdistan: In the Zorava neighborhood, Kurdish men between the ages of 14 and 50 are being arrested. Approximately 2,000 have been arrested in these operations.
I now return you to your force-fed U.S. news diet of Martha and Kobe while Britian brings you a comprehensive, ground breaking story that elderly Jewish voters in Florida aren't going to vote for Bush. Did I mention the word uprising? What about violence? Two countries whose politcal stability could have great impact on us? You know, that whole axis of evil thing? Thank jeebus for blogs. Of course, you can also find all this news over at Command Post.


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You're preachin' to the choir, sister.

Hmm....at least we have a source for all the news that's fit to omit.

Courtney love is still alive? Sheesh, I figured she'd OD'd long ago. Guess that's what I get for not watching network news.

I don't believe in "the liberal press" or the "right wing conspiracy" but I do believe the press has contempt for America, tries to shape opinion and runs in packs...

I guess the press has decided that America will elect John Kerry and there's a moratorium on any news that substanciates Bush's foriegn policy and make Kerry's look as bankrupt as it is. It's for our own good.

I think that's why our troops were suddenly moved to the Iranian border, to, ahem, "seal the border" and perhaps lend a helping hand? I pray that they succeed in topping the mad mullahs!

...oops, "toppling." :)

Bless you, child, for these links. Anyone wanna let Drudge know?

Thank Jeebus indeed. I'm dying in a while and only in the past few months have I discovered the wonderful world of Blogs. What a wasted life getting "news" from watered down sources. After all this time I've found that I can actually make a difference - you know, make people think and respond!
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Courtney Love has been having sex with pandas??

Is there anything that woman won't do for a headline?