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i always depended upon the kindess of not-quite strangers

The generosity of the people who make up the blogosphere has never ceased to amaze me. Adding to my complete awe of my readers is the news I received this week - a person who wishes to remain anonymous is sending me a laptop. A laptop. Dude, I'm getting a Dell. It should be here tomorrow. To that person: I cannot bestow enough kind words of thanks upon you. I'll buy a wireless card and whatever accessories I need with the money my generous benefactors have deposited in my Paypal account. I can now blog the GOP convention (though I'm still trying barter favors for a press pass) and any other interesting events outside of the house. I can blog from bed, from the train (in a box, with a fox). I promise not to blog while driving, though. My readers rock. Thank you.


well how cool is that?

Let me know if it was me. Otherwise, I need to cancel this strange charge on my credit card.

Laptop, you say? I need to get me some of these "readers"...

That is so cool!

Wonderful for you...much deserved (if you need it). Now if I could find someone, cheap-like-free to help me with scripting me-wee-blog. How do you find these people? :-)

Now this is gonna be interesting. And to think; I'll be able to say, "I read it when . . . "

A. Nonamous: the readers thank you.

It's obvious - your voice needs to be heard.

Now, I suggest a drive to outfit you properly for the convention....as much gaudy red, white, and blue decorative clothing/earrings/hats/shoelaces/hairbows as possible.

Do us proud, Michele. Go forth and blogify.

Well, remember Carol Burnett - someone helped her out when she was getting started. You, too, may someday help someone else, return the favor.

Congratulations - hey, have you thought about trying to get into the Tribeca Film Festival?

Okay, how's about blogging on a unicycle while juggling flaming democratic undergrounders?

That is great.

Kewl. See, there's a reason you're Number Five on that list, Michele.

Plus, you brought back the little dead girl. I think that's what tipped the scales.

Thank you, Anonymous. Your consideration is appreciated by many.

Michele: Go, girl!

LOL - no blogging while driving. Good call ;-) Very cool about the laptop as well. The internet's filled with idiots of all kinds, but for every 1,000 losers there's one really cool person.

Okay, how's about blogging on a unicycle while juggling flaming democratic undergrounders?

And when is DU NOT flaming?

My offer of lodging directly across town from the site is still open. Did I mention I know a delegate and am lobbying to be his "assistant"?

I'm definitely clashing in the orange living room, Faith. I'm hoping you'll be my partner in crime that weekend.

Very cool, I might have a contact that could get you a press pass. Will email you.