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Coming up later... Inside blogging: importance, men v. women, rankings, news reporting, etc. Oh yea. It's a winter weather warning today. Dude, where's my baseball weather? And Andrew was right: 1. An ink blot. 2. A two-tone ink blot. 3. A large ink blot. You people are sick.


Not me. My dermatologist says the moles are nothing to worry about.

Actually he said "nothing to worry about for very long."

I wonder what he meant by that?

Blogging and men v. women? Oh man, I can't wait....

What do you mean "sick"?

1. Bird hitting wind shield
2. Same bird 0.003 seconds later
3. Same bird 0.003 seconds after that

What's sick about that?

Spring weather's right here, baby!

Ink blots? No WAY! I totally didn't see that. I feel so stupid.

Sick? Why thank you! You just say the sweetest things [beam]

Move to Vegas. We've got plenty of baseball weather here. It's supposed to be in the upper 80's by the end of the week.