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You've got to be taught before it's too late, Before you are six or seven or eight, To hate all the people your relatives hate, You've got to be carefully taught


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Young Palestinian boy nabbed carryin' explosives, editor guilty of allowin' excessive redundancy in short report. attribution: Michele... [Read More]


I'm beyond sick of this. The apologists for these butchers need to shut up. This kind of story gets me so mad I can't see straight.

10 years old and they're sending him to die.

This is not a culture, this is a death cult thats PC. The damned thuggies weren't this bad (and they were pretty 'effing bad)

Thank God the IDF stopped him.

10 years old....

The Jerusalem Post has an article about the 5th student to die as a murderer from one school in Gaza. This seems to be a Muslim No Child Left Behind program.

Sickening and frightening

1963?4 our high school musical was "South Pacific". The school board forbade the public performance of this number.

[i]We did it anyway.[/i] The audience loved it.

The director of the theatre group was fired a year later, after a production of a play about a mixed race couple who fall in love. I think the title was "Death Before Dishonor", but I'm not sure. By some famous author, searching the Samuel French catalog is a pain.


9-11 -- Americans: "Let's roll!"

3-11 -- EU: "Let's roll over!"

It gets worse. The kid didn't know he was carrying a bomb. The terrorists tried to blow it up while he was passing through the checkpoint, but it malfunctioned.

They let the kid go. That article is not complete.

Message sent and received, via LGF:

From the holy mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where the sheikh asks the poignant question, “Didn’t what happened in Madrid convince you Jews and Crusaders to convert to Islam?”

Quick, give these people their own state.

This incident makes me wonder if Israelis care more for Palestinian children then Arafat and his minions.

Joe - this is the first time you've wondered that? I've got news for you: this is not the first time something like this has happened. The Palestinian's have killed their own children for the purpose of blaming the deaths on Israel. Teenagers are encouraged to become bombers. Mothers of small children are used as bombers.

In other words, hell yes the Israelis care more about Palestinian children. It's not that high of a standard though.

Not trying to fence with you, Meryl, but do you have a link on that?

Dean, no link (haven't been searching for one) but I got the same story from two different radio news reports - different networks, too.

Jesus wept. Remember the guy who tried to up the bidding when Saddam Hussein was paying whatever it was to the families of bombers? "I'll pay you more to send your kids to America, so we can raise them in something other than a death cult?" He caught a lot of grief, but he cared more for those kids than their parents do.

That's how I feel, too, ever since I had kids of my own. In fact, it's only the presence of the children in the PA that stops me seriously advocating, "Yes, give them their own country. Then nuke it and pave it."

This incident makes me wonder if Israelis care more for Palestinian children then Arafat and his minions.

The Palestinians seem to think that not caring about their children is their secret weapon. The whole method of their world wide propaganda campain is to set up their own kids to be hurt in terrorist attacks and to count on the fact that the rest of the world will won't believe Israelis who tell the truth about it. I've seen a few pictures of children providing cover for gunmen. It's amazing.