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boxes, boxes everywhere

We've got six weeks left until the big move and I have all of two boxes packed, and about six hundred pounds of absolute junk to wade through. I just know that somewhere in all that junk are little things I would like to keep or old letters I should read or maybe that long lost necklace. Otherwise I would just take out some Hefty bags, fill them up blindly and throw them to the curb. I just can't bring myself to get rid of all this stuff dragged out of closets and drawers without going through it. Even though I know it's junk that I should have thrown out in the first place. Lesson #1 of things learned while packing: Be more organized in the new house. If I had been organized here, I probably would not have ended up with seven unopened packs of loose-leaf paper and various other school supplies I had stuffed in a box somewhere and went out and bought duplicates of all those supplies because I forgot I stuffed them in a box somewhere. And even if I did remember that I stuffed them in a box, I probably wouldn't have remembered where that box was. On a side note, has anyone seen Secret Window? DJ is dying to see it and I want to know the movie lands on the PG side of PG-13 or the R side. Those PG-13 movies are tricky. I guess I should get started. I'll leave you for now with the quote of the day, from Jeff:
Here's a happy thought: tonight, while my wife and I are enjoying pizza and a movie (Chuck & Buck most likely, unless I can convince her she'll like Mother, Jugs & Speed, which is doubtful), Saddam Hussein will be squatting over a bucket somewhere, dreaming of gold-plated toilet seats while he wipes his ass with old Nation articles. Ain't life grand...?
Ok, one more thing: Sean is looking for Kerry-critical posts for his ongoing series, Kerry's House of Ketchup.


Saw Secret Window - would call it on the R side of PG-13. There's a dog killed by a screwdriver (you don't see this act, just the sequelae) and a couple of murders, most of which are off camera, two of which are revealed in quick flashbacks.

We took our 10 year old to it, kind of wished we hadn't.

Here's what you do: Order the local rubbish people to park a dumpster in your driveway. Invite your best buddies over, and give them carte blanche to do what has to be done. Start drinking early.

We've been in this house four years, and still have boxes that haven't been unpacked. I keep thinking that maybe I should just throw 'em away. After all, if I haven't needed that stuff for four years, what are the odds I'll ever need it? Of course, actually doing this would ensure that a critical need would arise the moment the trash truck disappears over the horizon.

Secret Window just has the violence aspect of an R movie, it doesn't have much bad language, and I do not recall any sexual innuendos. The gore is graphic, so I wouldn't let him see it.