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Operation Hook

Like Kelley, I have a feeling that our own Sgt. Hook is riding into the Afghan mountains. Good luck, Hook. Stay safe. [Kelley also stole my idea to use "Hook In?" as the title of this post. And when I say "stole" I mean she used her evil witch vibes to suck it out of my brain]


God speed, boys, Hoorah!

from the article:

"The base also served a lobster and steak dinner on the eve of the new operation. The army traditionally serves special meals to kick off large offensives."

special? we have steak and lobster tails EVERY saturday night here in kandahar. last night the steak was tough as hell. at least mine was. every friday they have shrimp and crab legs. seafood isn't my cup of tea though. anyway, my point is i wouldn't consider a steak and lobster meal really special since we have it every week.