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Are You Feeling This?

So, you hear this song on the radio and you think its pretty catchy. You're not sure who it is - the group sounds very familiar but you can't quite place your finger on it - but you end up singing along every time its on. Finally, it bothers you enough that you don't know which band and you break down and ask your kid. And he says.....Blink 182. Why does that make me feel dirty, like I'm in seventh grade and just got caught with a copy of "Wifey" with the good parts highlighted?
Oh, yea. The lecture.
It's time to teach these kids right from wrong. Mind you, I don't care what kind of music they listen to. But I insist they pay homage to the bands of my wreckless youth properly. They sit on the floor, more frigthened than Dave Matthews in a mob of Guns n Roses fans. This, I say, is punk. I spit when I say the word punk. I'm holding a Misfits album. Yes, album. As in vinyl. I don't have a turntable to play it on, but they get the point by just looking at the album cover. I run through my vinyl collection. I call out the names of the bands and shout PUNK! after each of them. My husband punctuates this by yelling out New Found Glory, NOT PUNK! We go through the metal CDs. We show them Slayer and Pantera and contrast that with Linkin Park and Saliva.
After that I told them when they listen to Blink 182 they have to do it with headphones on. And here I am, tapping my feet and nodding my head along to a song by the very group I loved to hate. Defeated yet again by a catchy hook! That was a year ago. DJ's taste in music has branched out more with each guitar lesson. Now, squeezed in between the Good Charlotte and The Darkness CDs are selections by Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Lynch Mob and Van Halen. He's even been borrowing some Led Zeppelin CDs, having been turned on to The Immigrant Song from School of Rock. Nat, she's a confused child. One minute she's all goth and dark and inspired by AFI. The next she's swooning over Clay Aiken. But hey, at least she digs Faith No More and what more could this mother want? Anyhow, that was all a long, drawn out way of saying, enjoy this: Blink 182 - Feeling This (mp3)


That Clay Aiken thing...it'll never work out.

HA!! You said Wifey!! I tried taking that out of the library, and I wasn't allowed!! Must have been HS or younger.

feh, nothing sucks quite as much as being co-opted.

Buy him a Nick Cave cd :)

IMO, Good Charlotte, Blink-182 and Simple Plan are all fairly good bands who have achieved massive commercial success that's not fully justified by the quality of their music. There are FAR worse things that kids could be listening to these days (Clay Aiken?!).

Now if you want to hear some TRULY infectious, irresistibly catchy songs, go seek out:

Too Good To Be True by The Eyeliners
The Beast With Five Hands by The Groovie Ghoulies
Forget About The Day by Manda & The Marbles

Yngwie? Steve Vai? Looks like you've got a budding Guitar Nerd on your hands.

Hey, The Darkness is pretty awesome. Definitely miles above pop-punksters Blink-182 and the like.

To be fair, Blink-182's most recent single features Robert Smith of The Cure on vocals..

I'll one-up you on that one... all my hard work turning my oldest daughter on to good music has been co-opted by her mother buying her Shitney and Christina CD's.... errrrgggghhhhhhh.