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Bombers possibly caught

According to el Mundo, five arrests have been made in connection with the Madrid bombings.


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Report says 5 arrests have been in connection to Madrid attacks The link above is the English translation of the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo. Check out these posts: [Read More]


May they rest in pieces very very soon...

Yes it was a dark day for Spain.

For someone to say that people on the left don't care about U.S. military casualties in Iraq, as was done on this site, in a feature, is as inaccurate as if someone were to suggest that NeoCons sit around waiting for the next terrorist attack in order to rejoice. Neither is true and both points of view are deeply offensive.

Yes our country is divided, but Terror is our common and all agree. We on the left predicted the resistance in Iraq, a no-brainer. It is hard to fathom through just what feat of mental alchemy we peace activists have been blamed for the resistance itself. We are against unjust wars, on false pretenses, that do not buy us national security.

We are not blind to the fact that there are bad guys out there in bad guy land. The prosecution of the war is not excuse to arbitrarily invade nations and skirt international law in the process.

Michelle, I have changed my mind on account of your efforts in regard to an issue or two. I'd ask that you refrain from painting the left as celebratory over U.S. military losses in Iraq, when this is not the case.

By the way, surely, I don't care what Latuff has to say. He is a beyond the reach of reason with regard to seeing how violence causes more violence, and outside the shores of the U.S. I don't consider him representative of the left.

Vince: comfortable or not, the fact remains there are far more leftists than rightists who've gone on record hoping for the US itself to fail. Be they celebrities mouthing off in front of microphones or poison-pen bloggers over at sites like DU, it is not a stretch of the imagination to picture these people with self-satisfied smirks when things go bad.

As for Michelle's site content, I think she makes some very valid points in the item below marked "Mailbag."



In a time of war, and this is such a time, you can certainly criticize the conduct of that war. But the left has argued over and over again that we are not at war with terrorism. Kerry himself states it clearly, that he considers this a police matters only. (Lieberman was not so daft, however.)

And for that reason, I have to come to the point that I see where you stand as either with us in the war against terror, or you are quite probably on the other side.

From all thats happened in Spain, I picked up right away the populice believe their leaders are lying to them about things.

Kinda like over 50 percent of Americans believe their leaders are lying to them.

But they are all just paranoid.

The horrific train explosions in Madrid on 3/11 killed nearly 200 people and wounded over a thousand more. Some fingers are pointing at the Basque separatist group, ETA, and some at Al-Qaeda. Spanish authorites have detained three Moroccans and two Indians connected with the bombings; they have also received a videotaped message showing a man declaring, in Arabic, that the Madrid tragedy is a response to Spain's "collaboration with the criminals Bush and his allies."

I have never been to Spain and I had always wanted to visit it. But there are certain Spanish traditions that continue to appall me, especially those that involve the abuse of animals such as bullfighting. As a vegan and an animal rights activist, I find it very perplexing as to how the Spaniards - supposedly a civilized and progressive people - consider bullfighting as a "sport" or a "fight" when in fact the bull's fate is already sealed from the beginning. I heard that blood fiestas are still held annually all over the country, and that cattle animals remain as the most popular victims of these barbaric practices. But other animals are also used such as chickens, geese, duck, pigeons, squirrels, pigs, donkeys and goats; they are either tortured, abused, buried alive, mutilated, drowned, beaten, slaughtered or dropped from a church tower.

I propose, to put a permanent end to the unjust and merciless abuse and slaughter of animals, to replace the animals with unrepentant and merciless terrorists. Enough of unkindness and cruelty towards innocent creatures. If Spanish fury is going to be unleashed, let it be unkind and cruel towards the terrorists. Please, just because I'm a vegan - that doesn't mean I cannot be vindictive. There's always room for hatred towards hateful ideologies.


The election results in Spain will tell us a lot about the next move in the alignment of the world. Will it be the time of Chamberlain or the time of Churchill? Tomorrow will be interesting.

Ah, the oh-so-lovely Churchill, chompin' cigars and gassing Kurds at the same time. Oh, those pesky natives...

Geezer seems to be an absolutist, but I agree that now is probably not the best of times for pacific voices such as mine. Not of course, when the overwhelming consensus is to re-re-re-make the nation in "Iron and blood" or something like that, and the left is perceived as "sapping the will of the nation to fight" which of course was the mantra of which 1930's fascist nation?

In my humble estimation: The Vegan's post is a perhaps a cock and bull story. Then again, I like meat, so I'm biased.

It's a war against Al Qaeda; we should channel our resources intelligently and appropriately.

Pogo Quotes:

"We have met the enemy and he is us."

"Sing songs for the mighty, the foes of the beast."

"Life no one gets out alive."

BTW, I'm not voting for Kerry. I will again vote for the socialist party candidate.