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Two Days Until Meat Day

[click for bigger size] Second Annual International Eat An Animal For PETA Day information here. More of my posters here and here. Other contributing posters here, here and here.


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And Sunday is steak & blowjob day.

Some people list it as the 20th, some as the 14th.

What the hell, let's celebrate it both days.

Another contribution over here. I'm planning on steak and shrimp. Is it wrong to eat fish on this most bloody of days?

Jim, eating fish is good because with a fish you can eat a whole animal for PETA, thus taking literalness of "eat an animal for PETA day" to another level.

It takes more stamina to eat a whole cow on March 15th, especially since it's a work day.

mmmmmm steak AND shrimp.

speaking of oxymorons, how can you have a jumbo shrimp?

And have you seen the latest horse dookey from these wackoes???


mmmm black and blue steak... charred on the outside. "somewhat surprised" on the inside.... YUM (but trust your butcher not to mention your grill-chef) !

I always pride myself on a dinner where we can count how many animals died feeding us all.


You missed my CHOMSKY poster.

IXLNXS is spamming my blog, too. Gotta figure out how to ban idiotarians this weekend.

I'll be having that particular fave of the PETA-ites ... veal.

(BTW: on the Jessica Simpson image, "smothered" is spelled wrong.)

PETA recently had a publicity stunt in which they tried to bribe a town in Oklahoma named Slaughterville to change its name to something like "Vegantown".

It's really difficult to satirize an outfit that does such a diligent job of satirizing themselves...