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The Last Word



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but.. I used baby wipes and everything

I see these at Newbury comics. Personally I prefer the 1950s looking folks with faux ads for beer and other substances...

Oh, look I'm the third person to post here.

NY & NJ IMC's are down, nothing new posted since yesterday, and I've read all the CounterPunch article for the day, so I thought I'd mosey on over here and see what's shaking.

Michelle, bless her heart, really appears to have popped her cork with the "Winds of Black Hate" post. Hmmn... pro-justice, pro-labor, pro-equality, pro-civil rights, pro-gressive, get it?

Cute though the Easter bunny thing.

I know you are but what am I?

I think the 'kiss my shiny metal butt' w/ robot graphic would have worked too. Bunnies are nice though. Pink bunnies are better.

Yes, I smell like butt. Edloe's butt. Whenever I sit on the couch, Edloe hauls herself up on the couch and positions her fat smelly ass right against my leg.

I have this habit of jiggling my leg while I sit, so it wiggles the couch cushion and Edloe gets a cushion-tummy-rub out of it. Also, she'll fart or just get butt-rubbings against my leg.

And, thus, I smell like butt.

Michele the Space Scientist.

Who knew?

Michele, you're strange.

Don't ever change that.