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thou doth protest too much

I wasn't going to go back to look for protesters, opting instead to stay at home and man the post. But then everyone wanted Wendy's. And to get to Wendy's I have to go past the park. Where the protesters were supposedly hanging out. I tried to stay away. Really. And there they were. Chanting, screaming, whatever it is they were doing. I flew by them at about 50mph, but I could still hear the strains of "How many kids did you kill today?" following me like a bad smell. DJ wanted to go back. So we went through the Wendy's drive through and headed for the Home Depot parking lot across the street from the park entrance. [Pardon the quality of the pictures. The sun was in a blinding, mid-set position] There were quite a few people gathered on my side of the street; mostly gawkers who couldn't quite understand why those hippies across the street were yelling nasty things about 9/11 when the family members were in the park. Seriously. Lady: Why are those hippies across the street yelling nasty things about 9/11 when the family members are in the park? Man: Because they don't know any better. Kid: That's rude. So I start snapping pictures and the happy little hippies are waving and posing and chanting. They launch into a Bush Go Home thing. Suddenly, DJ starts screaming at them. FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS! He's pumping his fist in the air as he shouts. Well, it wasn't until about thirty seconds later that I realized his middle finger was raised. Oh well. No worse than the protester who had her toddler daughter yelling out "Bush is a murderer!" Nice. That's when I spot my new hero. There's this lone boy, couldn't be more than thirteen, standing about fifty feet to my left. He's holding this huge American flag, the kind someone in an honor guard holds. He's got the strap for it and everything. He's perfectly still. His face is set in stone. He stares across the street, through the traffic and over the heads of police officers, stared right at the protesters. His look is one of defiance, anger and pride. It was all I could do to keep from running up and hugging him. His parents sat in a parked mini van behind us. I took a photo of their son and smiled at them. They smiled back, wide smiles filled with pride. And then DJ and I tired of the chants and slogans and went home to eat our dinner. [today's other president stalking posts are here and here]


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Sad. They're protesting our war on terror - and meanwhile 200 Spaniards die from terrorism. I'm sure it's completely lost on them.

That picture of the little boy with the flag is really great!!!!!!!! And Go DJ!!!!

People have a right to protest, so how is that kid defiant by simply holding a flag? Are you saying the protesters aren't true americans? That's bullshit.

I'm sorry, but sticking the middle finger up at protesters is incredibily ignorant. What are you teaching your son?

Geez, Boz. Project much?

I never said they weren't true Americans. And the kid was defiant because the protesters were yelling nasty things at him.

As for him holding up the finger, it was better than the one guy - an adult no less - who was holding his crotch and yelling "Suck my dick, Bush lovers!"

People have a right to protest. Including DJ. (And good on him - hippies suck).

(Man does this thread call for some Cartman).

By the way, if the protestors represent the American flag, why were they razzing the kid?

And like Andy said - they're carrying signs bitching about how much the war on terror is costing us while the death toll in Spain is rising.

Sorry for the cross posting. And yes, the guy holding his crotch is wrong as well. I just got the impression that DJ doesn't understand that people can protest. yelling "4 more years" is okay, but the middle finger and taunting is not, just ignore them.

it's attention they want. so don't give it to them.

Good old hemp. turnpike. The Wendy's by Hooters I assume

I don't think it's 'lost on' us, (the anti-bush people). Deep down I just believe that the attacks in Madrid happened "because we destabilized the region"... not "despite our promotion of democracy".

It's a legitimate difference of opinion.

One thing that really bothers me about Bush visits is that people with pro-bush signs are allowed to stand wherever they want almost. Those with anti-bush signs are routinely herded into "free speech zones", often blocks away from any path Bush himself would see. To me that's just a blatent double standard. Me and two of my Republican friends were going to go, them with pro-bush signs and me with anti-bush signs, and stand near the Republicans.

Why do something like this? To show that its merely a difference of opinion but that we still respect each other and find segregating one-half of those expressing their opinions to be a bad thing. Free speech is for everyone. We never did get around to go though. We ended up being busy that day.

I just wish all protesters, pro and anti bush, could be civil to each other. I'm not blaming you, Michelle. Obviously those anti-bushites near you were quite vitriolic ;)

Before I finish though, (and you're all welcome to ignore this last part), I have a link to an article I read where a military officer witnessed some of the information supressing that goes on in the Bush administration. I admit, straight off, that it's on Salon.com, a notoriously liberal site. However, if the author really did experience this, I still imagine many of the main networks wouldn't touch the story, and he'd be forced to a liberal medium. Shrug. Read it if you want, ignore it otherwise =]


PS - Michelle I just found the site the other day but I like it ;)

Good journalistic instincts Michelle.

Make sure you give DJ an extra treat this weekend for me.

It is one thing to protest and try to give a differing opinion it is entirely another to slander and be vile while trying to get your point across. Wonder which one of those people out there protesting and calling Bush a liar is going to run for POTUS in 30 years. It should fit right into the Democratic platform come 2036 or so.

Great post and pics.

"Deep down I just believe that the attacks in Madrid happened 'because we destabilized the region'... not 'despite our promotion of democracy'."

Rawb, the last time I checked a map, Spain was in Europe, not the Middle East. Or are you swallowing Bin Laden's bullshit about "lost Andaluz"?

No no dear Andrea, I'm sure he was referring to the Spanish American war, in which Bush's great- great-grandfather and his Haliburton cronies made a fortune selling oats to the cavalry...

Great post Michele. Thanks for not just driving on.

No I'm not swallowing any bullshit. I just believe that destabalizing a region makes it easier for a group to find willing recruits, those who are willing to give up their lives and their money for a cause.

If that happened in Iraq and the middle east, and lots of people joined Al Qaida, gave up their money, etc, to join and fund this group, Al Qaida would have more money to use elsewhere. In the same way that when you in whatever town you live buy from Walmart, you help new Walmarts open elsewhere, in places that Walmart might not have gone before.

I know it's not the best analogy, but I think it fits.

I heard Cheney's Haliburton cronies are opening a Wal Mart in Baghdad.

Can't destabilized that which was not stable in the first place.

And Kerry practices that free zone stuff also, but to a far more extreme.

Reminds me of this past summer visiting in Santa Fe, on the square there watching some mediocre band and all of a sudden the lead singer chick starts yelling: "F Bush, he sucks, he's not my President!" At that point my 10 year old turned to me and said "Mommy, let's get out of here, they're just a bunch of leftists and the music is no good"
I promptly rewarded her at Haagen Daaz. GO DJ!!!


The region? Let's see...Qaddafi is coughing up his WMD, the mullahs in Iran are at least pretending to cooperate with the IAEA. If they carry on the pretense far enough, they just may get caught in violation, as in fact they seem to have been. Baby Assad sucks his thumb to lull himself to sleep, wondering "Who's next?" Musharraf is punishing Waziri tribal leaders who shelter Qaeda, and the Saudi seem to have awakened to the threat from their own extremists. What else?

Oh, yes, Saddam is no longer strutting on the world stage and his people are taking tentative steps toward establishing a democratic republic. Destabilization, the horror!

These ARE all important things, and I do see their value. They're all important steps to get away from state-sanctioned terrorism. But at the same time, non-state terrorism is now on the rise.

Recruitment in these other organizations is up. WMDs are dangerous on a world-wide level, but we've seen what the Iraqi's are able to do using IEDs, which really aren't terribly complicated to make, nor terribly expensive either. They don't blow up countries or states, but they can do a fair amount of damage to buildings, and more importantly people.

I realize the sanctions in Iraq weren't working as planned, because instead of stopping expensive weapons programs, they just let their people live in poverty. Even though we haven't found the programs, I'm sure SOMETHING was there.

But by the same token, we've now assured ourselves that state-sponsored terrorism stops, and have increased recruitment in gurilla warfare and subversive groups. I think we could have gotten rid of WMD programs without creating a rise in this kind of activity.

Again, your mileage may vary.

Hey, hey, hey! Everyone make nice!

Those protesters are entitled to their own opinions, even though they're wrong!

Loved the picture of the kid with the flag.
A TRUE patriot.

I'm ALL for stabilizing "the region."

Yes, shoot arafat in his fat guts and then drop a few big ones on iran, syria, egypt, and saudi arabia. They will suddenly become, verrryyy stable, veeerrrry quiet, verrrry peaceful, verrrry dead.

Get it done. Save lives. [And relieve traffic congestion.]

Great post - despite the moonbats. Love the pic of the 13 yr old, good for him. And to echo DJ - four more years!

LOved the pict of the boy holding the Flag. it's great that you got the significance of it! But, I disagree with your comment: As for him holding up the finger, it was better than the one guy - an adult no less - who was holding his crotch and yelling "Suck my dick, Bush lovers!", sorry, it is NOT better then that. dont let your son stoop to that level!!! you should be setting standards, not comparing them to see which is worse and then shrugging your shoulders. stand up and be a MOM and teach your son some morals!

First off, Nice Site


Since when is Madrid anywhere close to Iraq????

Its the better part of 4,ooo miles away?

Thats like saying NYC destablizes Los Angeles

Ahhh, must keep everything the same for the sake of "stability."

It was because of "stability" that #41 didn't finish the job.

When we don't finish the job, they come back and bite us in the rear.


Viet Nam


Geez, we're in the Bermuda Triangle.

The region was destabilized already. We are the ones fixing it...

The protestors get put in their zones because these groups are regularly infiltrated with anarchists and others who are looking to do far more than hold a sign or shout a slogan. The pro Bush are usually chillin'.

Nevertheless, even though I am for this war and even a larger war if necessary, I wrote these lyrics about the protesters who do it right. Thoughts:

Dissenters Love Song

You know that I love you
Even though we stopped acting like we do
When I say that I love you
I want you to know that it's always been true

When I visit at the Mall
You know that I'm going to give
Everything you'd expect from me
Don't get angry 'cause I'm acting like I'm free

And I see all the things that you do and
I don't always agree and I don't have too
People coming 'round the bend
Gonna try and shake things up in the end.

When you see me on the news
I'm not the one who is breaking things
Don't you know its not my style
I'd try to change things like John Lennon did

[Solo - Bridge]

I never said I'd leave her
Not like those other hypocrites did
When they call out from their luxury
Shouting that they'll leave if things don't go their way

I don't give up that easy
And I won't ignore what I believe
And to you it may look easy
But I am out there and acting on what I see

And I told you that I love you
I shouldn't have to keep repeating
When I say that I love you
I want you to know that it's always been true


I just tried posting the following to Boz's blog:

"lot of people I know, either online, or right next door to me, are republicans and practice namecalling and other non constructive forms of protesting the protesters. It's just wrong."

It would be right if they weren't republicans?

"I will be forced to tear down their basketball hoop, which is conviently on wheels and at the top of their driveway."

You got any proof it was those kids who kept tearing down your Gore/Lieberman sign?

- and got the following response:
"Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content: hey Please now send $250 dollars to me@bozzysworld.com or I shall alert the FBI. Spamming my site WILL NOT be tolerated. If you do not send $250, I will alert the authorities. I have your IP address.

Please correct the error in the form below, then press Post to post your comment."

So... the individual who claims he wants to protect free speech, resorts to attempting blackmail when someone posts something mildly critical on his site?

The "Boz" obviously smells of elderberries...

Simon Jester, I think you just kicked Boz's butt with your revealing discovery.

RAWB, before I take you to task, I want to thank you for putting your differing pinions civilly, something sorely lacking in much opposition discourse.

1) Intervention is not increasing the recruits. It will decrease them because: (a) it's harder to train them, when the terror training centers are being blown to heck by A-10s; (b) the terror leaders are in Gitmo or Hell; © terrorist financing states and insitutions are under the gun and/or on notice; and most importantly, (d) Action shows resolve. A target that can fire back is much less attractive to terorists- hence their preference for killing civilians and non combatants.

2) They hated the West long before 9-11. This is seen as a clash of civilizations. Dar Al Islam vs Dal Al Harb.

3( In the short term there will be more terror. But the only way to end terror is to make it disasterous to those who employ it. No comprimises ever until the terrorists have been vanquished completely and surrender abjectly. Then you dictate terms.

The crucial divide is between those who see that we in the West are now the enemy of terrorists who wish to end civilization, and those who do not. The protesters want to continue their privileged lives as before, and wish to blame Bush (and, tellingly, not the terrorists) for 9/11 and now Madrid.

The important thing to know about being someone's enemy, as we most certainly are, is that they simply want us to die. It will not help if we "understand" them, or treat their "root causes". We will still be their enemy. They have reasons to want us all dead, but the reasons are theirs, not ours.

And until you recognize this fact, you are helping them win. This same story has been told throughout history. Don't be so arrogant as to think you have found the answer to man's violent nature. You haven't.

Look at all those pre-printed signs about 9-11.
Come on, are we really supposed to believe this stuff? What sponteneity!(SP?) What original thinkers!
" Let's put on a show, you guys! We can all dress up and we'll all have lines to speak an', an', an', we'll all have something to say! It'll be really cool, an', an', an', maybe we can get in the newspaper and stuff, maybe they'll take pictures!"

C'mon, Rubes! Junior knew. Junior let it happen on purpose. Junior's a one-termer whose cronies are looting the treasury as fast as they can.

Wake up, Rubes! Y'all wanna go back to the McKinley years really?

Karl Rove sure knows how to push your buttons, Rubes!

Hmm. Just went to Boz's site. In a word, gross. Doesn't surprise me the 'free-speech' meister resorts to blackmail under the veneer of really bad humor when someone posts something 'questionable' to his site.

I like the way you handle the trolls, Michele! v. nice...