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so close....

What a day. Still didn't see George, but I'm having a blast. I stood with about 200 people on Hempstead Turnpike by the park waiting for him. The sneaky bastard went in another way. Anyhow, I'll tell the whole story later. There was lots and lots of media there and they mostly paid attention to the forty or so protesters instead of the 200 Bush supporters - not to mention all the people in cars honking their horns and yelling "Four more years!" I can't wait to see how they play this on the news tonight. [click for bigger] I'm headed out again, this time to meet my sister on the other side of the park where's there's a protest scheduled for 4:30. We're either going to counter protest or just take pictures and throw popcorn at the protesters. Back later with more pictures.


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Throw popcorn? Get a paintball gun :)

I was raised in Garden City and now live as a Virginian. Reading your post I was reminded of the day in 1968 that I shook the hands of both Richard Nixon and Bobby Kennedy at Roosevelt Field (I was a bi-partisan 13 year-old). My second and third brushes with greatness. (Capt. Kangaroo was my first.) Not too long afterwards, Bobby was gone. But the excitement of that day has stayed with me all these years. I hope you get to see the President.

Can anybody direct me to some photos of the plans for Nassau County 9/11 Memorial? I've got some friends to think about.


From what I've listened to radio reports of presidential campaign stops, the interviews will be with the protesters, not with the supporters, regardless of the numbers.

Oh, as long as we're talking about a Bush campaign stop. If it's a Kerry stop, it will be all about what Kerry had to say.

-Oh, as long as we're talking about a Bush campaign stop. If it's a Kerry stop, it will be all about what Kerry had to say.

Or, if it doesnt sound good enough, what Kerry said a second time after being prompted by the reporters...

Can you believe that actually happened? What libeal media my a**