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Delayed by Terrorism

I'll be getting a late start over here today. In case you haven't heard, there's been a devasting terrorist attack in Spain. I'll be busy over at Command Post covering the story. Keep the people of Spain in your thoughts today.


In my thoughts...
Let's see...
"The Spanish Inquisition"

Yeah, nobody expected them either.

Sheesh Laurence, why the sour grapes man? I hardly think statements like those will get any positive response for your cause.

Terrorism is terrorism regardless of who is responsible. The Spanish have been staunch supporters of the US since 9/11 and especially with the War in Iraq.

They are allies, and you should act like it.

I'm not really sure what your point is, Laurence. Could you (or someone else) please elaborate on what your comment is supposed to mean?

Why the sour grapes? Probably because it's a flaming tragedy when it happens in some place that's not Israel, yet it's de rigeur when it happens every damned week in some place that is Israel.

I don't believe Laurence was cheerleading, Val, sounded more like sheer frustration to me.


I think Laurence's point is that he is disturbed by all the media coverage of this event and the lack of or slanted coverage when terrorists attack Iraels civilians. While he may have a point, this certainly isnt the time to take it out on the Spanish.


I am not saying that Laurence's point is wrong, he is correct, however a shitload of people died today and his comment seemed not only disrespectful, but self centered.

Ah, well, everyone has their own perspective, don't they.


Yep. You are right. Yet I hardly think the method will garner any more solidaity for the cause. A pacifier and booboo blanket, yes, maybe.


Spain: ~40M people
Murdered today: ~200

In proportional terms, this is the equivalent of approximately 1,500 Americans being killed in a terrorist attack.