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A Tale of Two Eggs

A Jenifer Update Jenifer, my grand-egg perished in an unfortunate accident caused by a rambunctious teenage boy. Some Ian character tried to grab poor Jenifer's basket out of Nat's hand. He let go abruptly, causing the basket to swing wildly and sending Jenifer into the air, where gravity took hold and sent her smashing to the ground. She lay there, broken and stunned while Nat ran after Ian. While Nat was pursuing Ian, her best friend John came along, noticed Jenifer on the floor, saw that she was cracked beyond what any extreme makeover could do for her proceeded to eat Jenifer the Egg Baby. When Nat returned from chasing down Ian, John was standing in front of Nat's locker, guiltily licking his lips. Because of the circumstance - mainly that Ian was being a jerk - the Home and Careers teacher boiled a new baby for Nat instead of giving her a bad grade. Jenifer 2 looks remarkably like her deceased sister. And she is swathed in enough cotton and cloth to prevent any other crack-ups from happening. As a side note, I should tell you that we have already run out of egg puns in my house.


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Coffee. Spewed All Over Monitor.

"You can't eat that! It's a baby!"

"A dingo ate your baby!"

Question, will the children be submitted to an eggstractor after the "lesson" is finished?


Wouldn't Shelly be a nice nickname for Jenifer2?

He murdered the baby! He should be eggs-ecuted!

oh! I'm sorry to hear that! How eggs-citing to have the new addition though

It wasn't a Dingo, mate... It was much scarier... It was a Freshman!

"It wasn't a Dingo, mate... It was much scarier... It was a Freshman!"

Ahhh the most craven and feared of the scavangers

That's eggs-actly what's wrong with kids today. No respeggt for anyone else.

Her death must have left you a hollow shell. Even if the idea was a little cracked in the first place, her loss would have put Nat into a scramble.

...and om-lette you all go now, I promise. No more eggscruciatingly bad puns.

I think you need to bring Ian up on charges of being a child omlete-ster.

Cannibals. What is it over there, Lord of the Flies???

Isn't anyone concerned about someone eating an egg thats been laying around for a few days? (No matter how CUTE it is)


...then again, fitting revenge. The baby got in the last word, even if John did get the last bite.

Ya read about these senseless tragedies in the paper, but ya always figure they happen to other people's eggs. Shocking when these things hit so close to home...

Not to change the subject, but how's Justin handling being a Grandpa?

And the fact that now he's involved in Grandparent shennanigans, etc?

He hasn't quite bonded with Jenifer yet, as he keeps walking around the house muttering mmmm.....deviled eggs.

I remember my poor egg baby.
He would have been 10 years old this year.
I let a classmate babysit my eggy-pooh, and she murdered him in the ladies room.


I think that we should hold a moment's silence for Jenifer. No yoking please.


Now that that's ova...

Poor Jennifer...I hope Jennifer to will be able to fill her great and wise shoes...

I forgot to mention how eggregious I thought it was that you were out of puns at your house.

We're never out of them at the Yourishes.

I think Ian owes someone an eggsplanation.