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the devil is dead

Breaking on CNN: I have never been so damn happy to see somebody die. If there is a god, this guy will get to hell and find out that even Satan won't have him. I swear to all that is holy, I would piss on his grave if I could. [I never forgot Leo Klinghoffer]


I've been cleaning up headlines in CP GWOT where others have been showing ATS-like glee at his demise.

How weird is that?

Before you do, can I dance on his grave?

< pulls on galoshes>

I don't mind dancing afterward, Michele. I'll just be stomping the piss down closer to him.

I wish for the days that the public could be outraged by the death of one US civilian in a terrorist attack.

Let's also not forget a name I'm ashamed that I had to look up: Robert Dean Stethem. Less than 4 months before Mr. Klinghoffer was murdered, we should all remember the sight of a bunch of MFs, who hijacked a TWA flight, shooting P.O. Stetham and dumping him, like a bag of trash, on to the tarmac from 20 feet above.

Imad Mughniyah - YOUR NEXT!

BTW, relating back to Michele's response to Mr. Tooney's post, P.O. Stetham was buried at Arlington (against the standard rules for being buried there). I'm sure that the VRWC in 1985 were behind this also to suppress the outrage of his family. Worse yet, Mr. Tooney, they named a ship after him!!

Is there no extent that Republicans will go to "blow a chill wind" on free speech?!


I agree wholeheartedly. But while I was busy laughing my ass off at the death of Abu Abbas, I was reminded of the funniest terrorist death in Iraq ever.

I'm sure we all remember Abu Nidal? Abu Nidal, who headed his own group retired to Baghdad in the late 1980's. Just before the war was launched, the Iraqi government announced that Nidal had committed suicide. His chosen method of self-snuffing? Gunshot wound to the head.

Four of them!

And who said Saddam didn't have a sense of humour?

This is a good day.

The day we get the last bastard who killed SW2 Stetham will be even better. They were from Hizbollah, btw.

I really, really wish I still had my "USS Saratoga - You can run but you can't hide" patch. We were the toast of the Med after our planes forced the hijackers down. Even the French loved us.

Larry Simon's thinking of handing out candy tomorrow... I think I'll do the same

John: "I've a fine old bottle of Scotch whiskey I'd like to save and ask you, old buddy, to pour it on my grave if you will."
Dave: "Sure, John, you won't mind if I pass it thru my kidneys first?"

I kinda wish that they'd bury him with a pork chop in his mouth or something. A guy can dream, can't he?

I was pretty damn happy to see the Hussein brothers get it. But this is right up there.

Although I don't rejoice over other's misfortunes, I must say I do hope his death was not easy, that as he suffered he thought about his wasted empty miserable life and the atrocities he committed.
I think the best reward for these guys is that when they die, and open their eyes up in the afterworld, it really is the God of the Jews (Jehovah); I'll bet they break a sweat then!!!

Feed him to hogs. I'm serious.