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drugs are bad......mmmkay?

Eldin is dead. Even when Murphy Brown jumped the shark (hell, it jumped ten sharks and three tractor trailers) I still tuned because I loved Eldin. eldin.jpe CNN: Murphy Brown's Robert Pastorelli Dead at 49


Liked his stuff,but they allude to a drug-death,and he leaves behind a young daughter.If that is true he sucks.

I mostly remember him as the guy who got shot in the ass with an arrow and then scalped in Dances With Wolves.

nit: It was Eldon, not Eldin. I too miss him.

Actor Paul Winfield died today as well, which bummed me out since I had always enjoyed his work. Anyway, celebrities always die in threes, so I wonder who the third one will be?

Man, I was just watching "Eraser" on HBO over the weekend, he was funny in that. RIP Robert.

I used to get him confused with Oliver Platt.

Damn shame, seems his wife died in 99 and he leaves a little girl.

Oh, I loved Eldin, too. Darn.