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All this and Richard Nixon's Head

Best Buy. Lunch Hour. Bender is mine. futurama3_pr.gif From the Godfellas episode (included in this FOUR DISC(!!) set: Fry: "Is there anything religion can do to help me find my friend?" Pastor: "Well, we could join together in prayer." Fry: "Uh huh, but is there anything useful we can do?" Pastor: "No." Is it a sad commentary on my life that the purchase of this DVD will be the highlight of my year so far?


I almost died laughing, Last night was Freedom day episode.

Nixon's Head: "My fellow Earthicans, we enjoy so much freedom it's almost sickening. We're free to choose which hand our sex-monitoring chip is implanted in. And if we don't want to pay our taxes, why, we're free to spend a weekend with the Pain Monster."
Pain Monster: "See you April 15th, folks!"


runs away...

Ah i love Futurama...even more than i love (ok don't kill me...yeah i'm talking to you with the homer t-shirt and the 12 inch knife) The Simpsons.


but if your highlight is buying the lame playstation 2 Futurama game is, as it will be for me... THEN you should worry.

I guess the game play is too easy and rather lame, but the over all story and in between scenes are from the writers of the show, as are the voices, so it's like a lost episode.

So of course i's gottsa gits it!!!

Damn - I was in Virgin this evening, and I didn't even see this! I came home with Rain Man, The Majestic and Pay It Forward instead.

Hmmmm, I have to pick up a new paycheck tomorrow. Maybe . . .

Bender's reaction to being drafted:

Bender: I'm a conscious objector!

Fry: A what?

Bender: You know, a coward.

Enjoy, Michelle.