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in a bunch

See previous post for reference.
By the way, the crack about my Cheney's Vault panties - what were you doing in my undies drawer? chpant.gif


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You hold the key to my heart.

Bout time you got back to panty blogging!

Maybe we made out with the same French Canadian? Was she short and kinda chubby, and a real good kisser?

Uh...his name was Claude Devereaux.

Anyone remember Ghostbusters?

Michele as Sigourney Weaver, Cheney as Rick Moranis... hmmm...

Cheney's Vault underwear: For that special someone's "undisclosed location".

Okay, I'm liking this panty blogging, but I'd like it even better if you were wearing them when you took the picture.

I'm just sayin'...