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reading between the lines

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Michelle has the tinfoil hat version posted at her place. I have no doubt that there are people out there who believe exactly what she has posted.... [Read More]

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» Nazis in Baghdad from The Politburo Diktat
The BFEE strike again, comrades, now forcing a constitution right out of Mein Kampf on Iraqi people. Look at similarities of Nazi decrees of 1933 and new Iraqi constitution/Transitional Administrative Law: Both written on paper. Both are rather long, d... [Read More]

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Wow, hegemony AND oligarchy! I am impressed!

You know, this is funny, but the sad fact is that there is a whole crowd out there who thinks like this.

Lots and lots of them, Patrick. With me, it goes back and forth between sad and absoultely farking hilarious. But mostly sad.

Wow, what an intelligent entry...

Oh, poor Boz. Has no sense of humor.

God you're brilliant this week. :)

"Conquership"? Kewl.
And I thought Wyoming was the Republic of Cheney.
Somebody should post this (in all seriousness) to Atrios and count how many members of the Chomskyite horde take it seriously.

That was brilliant.

You do this a lot -- explaining to us what people are really thinking.

It's quite marvelous, being able to read the minds of people you've never even met. Surely you can make more productive use of this gift than cranky right-wing blog posts.

I find it ironic, in reading Boz and Thlayli, that it is ::ahem:: "conservatives" who are always stereotyped as humorless and told to lighten up and get the joke.

Michele, I think you hit just a tad too close to home for those good old boys.

oh lordy, Teeth

I thought I would take your advice and wandered over to Atrios...but with having to both register (and wait) to post there, plus just reading the most recent post of Kos giving himself a dislocated shoulder from patting his own back made me want to go shower immediately.


but what about the evil Zionists???

Read between these lines:

I really (couldn't) care (any less than I do right now) about (what liberals think of) Iraq's new constitution.

Jesus. Stop doing that. Now I have to link you AGAIN.

Thlayli, quit it, you're actually amusing me. And I'm sure you didn't mean to do that.

Bob, it does take intelligence to lampoon people's stupidity that well... I'm impressed.


I enjoyed that very much Michele!

That was just about as much fun as I can have with my trousers up. Funny and true at the same time.

"You do this a lot -- explaining to us what people are really thinking."

For the purposes of comedy and satire.

"It's quite marvelous, being able to read the minds of people you've never even met. Surely you can make more productive use of this gift than cranky right-wing blog posts."

It's satire.

I thought all those Anti-War folks liked Star Bucks.

"I was for the threat of force, but not the use of force - and saying that will not diminish my ability to use the threat of force when I am president, because I will use the threat of force and and use the use of foce with the consent of the world, not in spite of the world, and isn't that how you lead, by following - not by ignoring, by listiening - and not by speaking, by saying and not by doing. For when Bush did what he said he'd do, he lied and people died. Or as my favorite poilitcal philosopher - Derrida - said: 'I think (too much, and have no principles) therefore I am (a lefty, dovey, morally repugnant, mporal relativist, duplicitous democrat).' So I say to you - as far as this so-called constitution in Iraq: they have more rights then us, and no Ashcroft, so they're more free than us. BRING IT ON!"