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How Egg-citing!

We have a new addition to our family, thanks to eighth grade Home and Careers class. After much gnashing of teeth, wringing of hands and two trial runs which resulted in the death of two siblings, Jenifer Michele was born at about 10pm last night. She will be part of our family for two weeks or until Natalie drops/loses/eats her, whichever comes first. I can only pray that Jenifer makes it the whole two weeks. I do not want to see the drama that will ensue should Jenifer errr..come out of her shell too soon. Ha. Ha. She's a cutie, isn't she? [click for larger images] I hope this project is all it's cracked up to be. I know, the egg puns are really bad yolks. Uhh..jokes. I'll stop now.


I've never been very good at puns meself, so omelet-ing everyone else have at it...

She has her grandmothers eyes!

You should make a photo albumen.

(Oh please, it's an egg word)

Sad to say, there are only two ways this could end. One, she will become spoiled rotten, or two she will be thoroughly hard boiled.

No puns. I was just going to say that I hope some really evil but really cute boy doesn't kidnap the little bugger on her. It would be a shame to fail such an easy assignment.
And yeah, my egg got napped. It was a sad day as I didn't have the funds to get it back. :(

Is that Jenifer with one N, like Michele with one L?

That is SOOOO cute. You put on a sleeping face and an awake face!

Tamagochi, move over.

Shell we keep the puns going? I'm scrambling for another one. If you substitute Eggs with any word that begins with "Ex", it becomes over easy to keep this thread going

Do they make a Hallmark for moments like this?

I guess I have to be the geek and mention the Buffy episode "Bad Eggs", where the Sunnydale High kids got this assignment only to find out the eggs had monsters in them that possessed the kids.

So ... if you see any tentacles coming out of the egg -- RUN!

Be very careful that she doesn't open a daycare and leave you in charge!

(My younger brothers did this, and my mother carefully marked each egg (and recorded the markings) and then switched them all about. Took days to get them all straightened out, as R & R had over two dozen clients!)

I'll be disgusting and say it.

How were the siblings prepared? Scrambled, sunny side up or over-easy?

This is your Blog.

THIS...is your Blog on drugs.

Ova and out.

I've always thought that those "think it over" assignments should be conducted with real children. Of course, the birthrate would be worse than Italy's.

What a cute chick!

I like the bow, but green on eggs? What a ham!

Would you put that on a boat?

Would you put that on a goat?

I was just telling a friend about my time as an egg mommy in sixth grade. My egg was named Samantha, but I don't think her basket was as nice as Jenifer's. :)

Good luck, Grandma!