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Bitchslap Ted Rall Day is Back!

From Ted Rall's blog:
Hundreds of people have written to the New York Times since the story broke in Editor & Publisher and elsewhere, including Tom Tomorrow's popular blog, about the paper's website's decision to drop my cartoons--a decision that they admit was in reaction to getting tired of dealing with reader (i.e., right-wing) complaint emails. I don't know whether your letters will make a difference relative to getting them to pick up my cartoons again, but I do hope that it will make them think twice the next time they decide to do something similar. If censors face as many complaints from outraged readers as non-censors do from outraged nonreaders, the balance of power may begin to shift. In the meantime, I recommend keeping on the pressure. If you haven't yet written to the Times, please do so.
In other words:
The New York Times caved in to a letter writing campaign by right-wingers who wanted the Times to take action against my comic and have it pulled from the paper. I was outraged, appalled and disgusted that such a thing could happen. The people at the Times are Stalinists and have no backbone. Now please, let's start a left-wing letter writing campaign to pressure the Times into taking action on this issue!
Hey, Ted? Thanks for the material. You make it so easy.


The man lives to be a punching bag.It's almost too easy,

You know that scene in Airplane where all the passengers, including the nun, are lining up to beat the shit out of the hysterical girl? Yeah.

Bask. Bask. Bask.


I forgot to add: this vision makes me feel the way Homer Simpson feels about donuts. The heck with "Bitchslap Ted Rall Day" -- let's call it "Beat the Living Crap Out of Ted Rall Day."

Sometimes, it's not "censorship" -- it's just a lot of readers complaining about something of poor quality that they don't want to see, and a paper responding to its readers so it doesn't lose them.

As a member of the media, I can tell confirm that whether you're a "pain-in-the-ass" liberal cartoonist or a "pain-in-the-ass" conservative one, you get tired of reading bitch letters from readers.

Oh, wait. We don't feature any conservative cartoons.


NOTE TO TEDD RALL: You didn't count even when you were new. You're Haring without the discipline. I got three nephews can kick your longhand game; never mind if they get all Flash on your ass.

Yes, Ted, the the readership of The New York Times is composed of a bunch of knuckle-dragging, gun-toting, cross-burning, gay-bashing fascist conservatives who made it their personal vendetta to get rid of you. We believe you! Really! Don't forget to take your pills! No, not the yellow one!


Repeat after me, Ted: freedom of speech does not mean freedom from criticism. The guy made cartoons that the vast majority of readers (that is to say, customers) found stupid and insulting, and they yanked you for it.

Explain to me how this is anything but a business doing what it's supposed to: serving its clientele.

I'm really confused by this entire thing. Isn't this the way a free society is supposed to work? People don't like something so they write the provider of it and request the provider do something about it. If there's enough requests something gets done.

What am I missing?

Rall out of the NYT.

Chris Muir and/or Cox & Forkum in?

How sweet would that be...

Chris Muir is too good for newspapers.

The funniest thing I read along these lines recently was an uber-lefty who actually had the audacity to suggest that the ACLU is so far left-wing because right-wingers criticized the ACLU and thus caused reasonable people to leave the ACLU--thus criticizing the ACLU was a McCarthyite tactic that made the ACLU bad.

So now by getting rid of Ted Rall, the New York Times has caved in to McCarthyite pressure, and as a result, Ted Rall will become more obnoxious an extreme, because after all Ted was criticized, and therefore....

Well, the logic is in there somewhere, somehow.

I'm a former member of the ACLU. I left because antiliberal leftist asshats in that organization kept filing idiotic lawsuits that had nothing to do with civil liberties, and often worked against them, not because Those Evil Republicans screamed at me.

Anyway, Ted Rall is a commie asshole.

Unfortunately, the WaPo still links to him... Come on VRWC, get that letter campaign going!!!

And all this time I was calling the NYT "The Saddam Times"....

Ted Rall thrills to disgust, and he succeeds brilliantly. To disrespect a man such as Pat Tillman says more about Ted Rall than any of us ever could. A man with no character, no honesty, no courage and no compassion disparages a man who gave his life and fortune for love his country. Ted Rall, spirit of the left.