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site news

* My crack team of friends and readers have gone over the 80 entries in the book contest and narrowed the field down to ten. We will convene in a secret, underground cavern tonight where we will determine the winner, if we don't get eaten by a grue first. * Not all contests are that successful. The Dear Abby thing didn't get enough entries, so that's called off. Thanks to those who did send in letters. * Speaking of the left, I discovered that someone is edging out my leadership role in Obssesive Ted Rall Hater Club. * I have given up on my attempt to be mostly non-political and to not address what the left is doing. I have too much to say to let it all go. Beware. I'm going to get all vitriolic on your ass this week. Update: Godfather won on the Pacino poll, but the ballot has been invalidated because it didn't include Godfather II. Am I the only one who thought his performance in Scent of a Woman was cringe-worthy?


I thought you were going to post the 10 finalists and let us vote...

Al's role in Any Given Sunday was cringe-worthy as well...

You're right Matthew. I'll put up the top ten momentarily.

The character was cringe-worthy, certainly. Wasn't he supposed to be?

Yes. I loved Al's performance in SOAW. What McGehee said.

He wasn't that great in Insomnia. As for his performance in Gigli, you'll need to ask one of the three people who saw that film to get their opinion.

Hey! I did my own Ted Rall Parody back in November!!! Do I make at least an honorable mention???


Very happy to see the dhimmidiot is getting the boot.

Evidently, Lee Strasberg, on his deathbed, told Al Pacino that "yelling is not a substitute for acting", but Pacino didn't hear the word "not".

I gave up on Scent when Al throttled a guy. I was amazed how bad it and he were.

Perhaps in keeping with the 'grue' theme, we can call him 'Dhimmi Flathead'...

I saw SOAW. I wasn't sure what I thought of it.

Years later, I'm still not sure what I thought of it.

Kind of odd, now that I think of it.