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Attention Hosting Matters Clients

Instead of assuming the worst when your site temporarily disappears, and instead of bitching and moaning about the service when the site does reappear, you may want to check the forums before you get pissy. As with any other outages in the past, HM has told their clients repeatedly to check the help forums before sending in a ticket or posting a message or going into cardiac arrest. Today, they were physically moving their servers to a secure location (remember when one was stolen? Won't happen again). Everything should be fine now. Next time don't make me come over there and give you the smackdown.


Check the forums and give up an opportunity to bitch and moan? Are you mad?

I'd seen that this was coming, and I can't get upset over a two hour outage.

We <3 Michele.

(heart) Michele.

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Why so cranky? I couldn't reach the forums, either.

But you're more than welcome to drop by and give me the smackdown any time you feel up to it.

Gee, they've only advertised the existence of the offnetwork forums for nearly half a year now. Ah well, blog on, brave camper, wouldn't want you to miss a post!

Thanks, Michelle.

I was wondering.

HM did a fantastic job today. Last year my company moved our telecom switches between floors in the main telco hotel and it took our techs weeks of meticulous planning and nail biting to achieve a thirty minute downtime window...it's organized chaos.

Techies rock.

Didn't bother me, as I was away and didn't even notice the downtime. However, just playing devil's advocate here, wouldn't sending an email to all hosting clients a few days in advance to warn them of the short impending outage have been simple and prudent?

I found out three days ago because there was a notice on my CPanel.

Emails were sent to all client mailing lists, notices were posted in each client's control panel, and posts have been made in the user forums. I'm sorry, but we're not really set up to send smoke signals.

Then I don't suppose there's much else that could be asked. I personally don't recall seeing any emails, but then I get my hosting from a HM reseller, so maybe they didn't care to pass the message along.

Oy, that might explain it. And I'm sorry for you. :)

I certainly got an e-mail about it. A couple of them, in fact. (And I managed to make the supreme effort to pass those e-mails on to the friends and family who have mail set up in their own domains under my account -- which, I guess, makes me a reseller without any "sale" being involved).

On the other hand, if would be nice if Seki came to my house and let me know about these things personally. Or any of the other HM crew. I'd love to invite them in for a drink and/or dinner ...

Well, I believe I can best summarize my feelings about my hosts, HostingMatters, and their level of support with the following:

This morning, I noticed I couldn't get to my site. However, since I'm a customer of HostingMatters, I just went to get myself a cup of coffee, knowing that they'd have it fixed within a couple of hours at the most.

Anybody knowing anything about me and my usual level of crankiness will know full well what that means.