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pick your pacino

The intent of this post was to open a discussion about the best tension-filled scenes in movies. However, it's more like a discussion on Al Pacino's best movies. So of course, I thought a poll would be necessary. If you notice, there are no recent movies here. I stopped with Glengarry Glenn Ross in 1992. After that, every Pacino role was the same; a little bit of acting, a lot of emoting and the big scene where he makes a poignant speech.
Pacino's Best Performance
Godfather I
And Justice for All
Dog Day Afternoon
Glengarry Glen Ross
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Nope, nope, nope. Godfather II.

I know it was you Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!

Okay, this list is incomplete: where is his Scent of a Woman (1992 - won best actor Oscar) or his unbelievable performance in Godfather II. I am not voting. This is a scam. Fight the power. Bush Lied. Um. Yeah. :)

(Seriously, not having Scent of a Woman or Godfather II is like having a barbeque without the meat - people will say, hey, goober, where's the meat?)

I cast a write-in for "Simone"!

Say hello to my little friend.

Actually, I quite prefer "Carlito's Way."

Highly underappreciated.

"Where's my cheescake, Charlie?"

Godfather II!

None of the above! Donnie Brasco (with honorable mention to Carlito's Way).

I kinda have a soft spot for Scent of a Woman too, but that may be because it's the only Pacino film I can remember seeing other than the Godfather pics.

I thought Insomnia was a very understated performance for Al. I don't even hold the cliche ending against him.

They're all good, but I'd like to add "Panic in Needle Park" to the list of write-ins. Agree with previous comments mentioning GFII, Carlito's Way, and Donnie Brasco, as well.

Godfather I & II are best, but Donnie Brasco comes in next and all the others are FAR behind.

I'm sorry, but the scene in Godfather II when Michael's wife tells him she's had an abortion is the most tension-filled scene I've ever seen in any movie in my life.

I've never seen someone go from upset to towering rage with such a tiny, almost insignificant change of expression in my life. He went from confused and angry to nearly killing rage, and his expression barely changed. Takes my breath away every time I see it.

What about "Heat" (1995)?

He plays a slightly off-kilter copy in, what I thought, was a very intelligent script.


TV (Harry)

That was "cop", not "copy"

That's what that "Preview" button is for...

TV (Harry)