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ride of the valkyries

I spent a good portion of the day working on my husband's online art gallery. For all who have been asking, digital prints of his work will be available for purchase by Wednesday. Today, on a whim, the husband and an artist friend of his decided to create something with hummingbirds. This is one of my favorite pieces of his. Very simple, not much detail, but it certainly looks like there's a great story behind it. riders.jpg [click for bigger it's a big image so it opens up in a new window rather than a pop-up]


It's like watership down meets the kremlin.

"I love the smell of nectar in the morning. It smells like ... victory."

And like you say, one gets the feeling there's a story behind this...

Aaagghh! Bunnicula!

With a hummingbird airforce, no less.


My daughter refers to "Wateship Down" as the "Bloody Bunny "movie.She'll love this pic.

It's like Watership Down meets Donnie Darko.

Man, it's a really, really small internet.

Socialist realism meets PETA.

That's a very interesting piece. It seems like it'd be right at home on the front of a sci-fi/horror book. Very cool.

and Oh! I remember reading Bunnicula! Vegetables beware!

thank your husband for my new desktop wallpaper.
Funny how someone always has to throw out a political comment, even on a nonpolitical post.

Wow, the hummingbird vs. bunny straifing run, in dramatic red!

Or maybe the birds are air support for the bunny army.

Anyway it's amazing.

When I click on the link to Justin's Cafepress page, all I see are two pieces available. Is there more? Am I doing something wrong?

We decided to just put two pieces there while I get his official store ready. We're taking them down as soon as his online gallery is open.

Just in time for Easter (continuing the bunny theme): the cartoon bunny remake of the Exorcist. The power of Christ compels you to watch!

I was compelled. I watched.

Best Remake Ever.

Since my screen is in portrait mode (90degree) it's not often I find a nice ready-to-use wallpaper... this one fits just nice! Its just what I needed to put me in a Easter-Mood!

Kill-Kill-Kill .... Chocolate ... a kill some more!