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celebrity meat endorsements #1

[the following poster is not in any way, shape or form printed with permission of Jessica Simpson, nor did any buffalo receive compensation for the artwork herein. This is purely a work of fiction. Fantasize at your own risk] [click for bigger]


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I fear that this anti-PETA campaign is merely an excuse (a ruse, if you will) for Michele to engage in more or her lurid sexual innuendoes, lascivious double-entendres, and licentious titillations. Oh the humanity!

Since when do I need an excuse?

Mmmmmm...Jessica...DOH! I mean, mmmm, meat.

HA! I love that!!!!!!

I'm thinking of that picture of Paris Hilton where she looks like a raccoon caught in a dumpster with a night vision camera having something to do with eating beef.

I prefer to harvest my own buffalo wings in the wild. I learned the hard way to not hit 'em with the shotgun if they were over the pickup truck.

Insurance agents have no sense of humor...

Since Jessica Simpson is a headless chicken, Can I eat her? She's very Yum Yum.

Sure, go ahead, enjoy those buffalo wings. Imagine those poor little buffalo, roaming the prairie wingless, watching forlornly as their still winged brethren take to the skies in herd-flocks. I weep for the sad, wingless buffalo.

Jeff, you must be confusing buffalo with buggalo. Common error.

Mmmmmm.... beetle burgers.

This is an awful web page, have fun with your heart disease.

Those ads are not even funny, except the fact that you have stupid Jessica Simpson- I mean that girl does not know anything. Stupid people like meat-thats what it is saying.


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