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who needs classmates.com?

You find people you went to high school with in the strangest places. That's a man who fulfilled his dream and his destiny. He was the class clown and easily one of the funniest, most good natured people I ever had the pleasure of knowing. Little did I know (until now) that all these years later, he's still making me laugh. We graduated with this guy, too.


Yep, it was last year I found that a guy I knew in high school, Saladin Patterson, ended up writing, co-producing, etc for Frasier and several other shows (I think he's behind the scenes on Bernie Mac these days).

I never even knew he had an interest in such things.

Actually, a college classmate of mine was quoted as the NYT spokesperson in the article on why they sacked Ted Rall (and another was just quoted in the Boston press as Mitt Romney's spokeswoman). Funny world.

I found out a couple of years ago that the most athletic woman in my high school class won a gold medal at the 96 Olympics. And her younger sister plays for the WNBA. Hunh.

One of my classmates is now married to Sean Hannity. I met him at a class reunion back in 2000, and it took me a minute to figure out why I knew his name. I remembered him from when he filled in for Rush, we didn't get Fox News or his radio show in my town back then. He seemed like a nice guy, we smoked cigars on the roof of the building where the party was going on.

I hung out some with the future Ms. Hannity back in high school, but alas, I have no juicy stories to sell to the leftys.

I knew Andrew Fastow in high school, as well as one of the Bad News Bears. Can't get more diverse than that!

I went to high school with this guy who's currently music director at the Atlanta Symphony. I always knew he was talented, but who knew he'd do anything with it?

This Olympic gold medalist went to my high school but graduated a LONG time after me. Not going to say how long, but there's about zero chance we ever were at swim practice together.

My wife went to high school in L.A. with a bunch of actor wannabes. And several made it. It took me a while to get used to the personal comments about people on the TV or movie screen. Good thing I'm not insecure, though lol

I graduated from high school with this comedienne. In fact, she was a good friend of mine.