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from out of nowhere

I have no idea how this popped into my head, but I just remembered this great (if cheesy by today's standards) game I used to play on the Atari 2600. FrogsAndFlies-2.gif I have no idea what made me think of that. Maybe I'm hungry? Of course I'm not telling you what it is. I want to see how many people know it just off the screenshot


You were the frogs and you jumped up to catch flies. Can't remember for the life of me what the name was though.

was this the first version of Frogger?


Duh...got it now.

You were lucky. Some of us were stuck with this game to give us carpal tunnel in our youth.

STAMPEDE!!! i loved that game, Ed!

Dude, I LOVED that game. Anything from the M Network was usually solid. That's one I used to have knock down, drag out battles with my dad over. (And yes, I do know the name ... I just won't spoil it for everyone else)

Frog Bog, isn't it? I played the Intellivision version, myself...

Watch out for the Black Angus, Erin.

It was Frog Bog on Intellivision, different title on Atari.

And I have no issues with spoiling it for everyone else. :-P

I played the Intellevision version, too. Awesome game... wasn't the second frog red in a 2 player game and the first one blue??

I'm not sure HOW, but I know the answer. Don't want to spoil it for everyone, though.

I guess I could ROT13 it...

It's SEBTF NAQ SYVRF, isn't it Michele?

Decode here: http://www.glassgiant.com/misc_rot13.php

Looks like one of my favorite Intellivision games from back in the day, Frog Bog. :)

OH MY GOD!!! I need to find my old Atari.

This link ( http://intvfunhouse.com/games/frog.phtml ) shows a screenshot with a gray frog, but I seem to remember other colors involved too...

Shame on you, Steve, for posting that link... I'm gonna be there all night now, wasting time on a nostalgia trip, looking at all the games I used to play. :)

Wow! I haven't thought of that game in over 20 years! Oh the mindless hours spent playing Atari 2600! The cute neighbor girl always came over to play 2600 with me. Those were the days...

'Frogs and Flies' I think it called ...

Frogs N Flies...

One of my all time favorites. Especially when you turn the difficulty to B and you can jump in the water. Now that's a game!

I was gonna say Joust, but that had ostriches not frogs. Looks like the same gameplay principles though.

Sad story: Me and my sister nagged my parents constantly for a games console as 12 year olds.

Eventually my dad relented and got us an Atari 2600. It was 1994.