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the word 'endorse' looks funny when you type it often

Continuing with the endorsement posts. By popular demand, of course. Not only will I answer questions about whom or what I endorse (see all of last night's posts for details), but I will also consider any requests for endorsements. For instance, Dodd asked if I would endorse his John Kerry Running Mate Pool. Yes, I will. In fact, I entered. Kevin wants to know which "position" I endorse. You know what he means. Well, Kevin, as I am a control freak who needs to dominate every single person she comes near, I endorse the "woman on top" position. Handcuffs and mouth gag optional. Now, we know I don't endores Kerry. However, I do endorse his package. JHK.png Is that a Vietnam medal in your pants or are you just happy to be nominated? Picture stolen from Treacher. In the area of superheroes, I heartily endores the world's greatest actor being cast as Commissioner Gordon. On the other hand, I do not endorse the growing realization that the Batman flick is going to be full of Brits faking Gotham accents. Still taking requests. [This post made possible by Joe] Oh, yes. I very much endorse my book contest. Update: Jim adds his fifty cents.


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Two questions:

  • Will you endorse my blog?
  • Will you endorse my blog for free?
  • I thought if you endorse the penis you endorse the man. This is a disturbing look at politics and JK's pants.

    So that's what they mean when they call him a Brahmin.

    Talk about a stimulus package!

    No guesses what the "H" in "JHK" stands for.

    Gary Oldman not playing a mentally unhinged antagonist is like Ron Jeremy making a movie and not having sex in it.

    Erect Kerry in '04.

    Is this somehow related to the first picture? Perhaps his impression of the doctor giving him the old "turn your head to the left and cough" treatment?

    That's the bottom of his chin.

    Two simple words: MICHAEL FUCKING KEATON.

    That is all.

    Jeez, how can he Kerry that thing?

    Holy Crap. Oldman and Neeson in a Batman flick. I'm crying. Thank you Michele, thank you.

    What a riot that picture. You need to endorse puggie.com! :)

    Kerry has to take 2 sides on every issue: one for him and one for his dick.

    His dick's so big his dick won the Silver Star.

    He sent out 3 letters before Gulf War I: one supporting it, one against it, and one from his dick.

    Commissioner Gordon, my foot! If you're gonna have Oldman in a movie about Batman's early years, you gotta have him play an unsuccessful comedian who turns to a life of crime and has an unfortunate accident...

    Sure it's not a catheter?

    Amen to Keaton...or (don't hate me!) Clooney. Admit it--Clooney looked the part.

    But Gary as C.G.? Nope. How about...Alan Napier as Gordon!

    Most people I know would carry a sausage that size in a bag.

    In his case, though, anybody doing penis reduction surgery would first have to decide on where to start.

    Between Batman and the next three Harry Potter movies, Oldman's plate should be pretty full for a while.